Wednesday 12th January - cherry cordial, tropical sorbet

Strangely enough didn't use the TMX for any of today's main meals (?? odd hey!!).

Breakfast was toast and stuff, lunch I made a pizza scroll with the last pizza dough yesterday, served with salads, and dinner was spinach and ricotta puff pastry rolls.

But did make some cherry cordial. Had heard good reviews of the EDC berry cordial recipe and it was hot and I fancied a drink with some flavour so thought I'd give it a go with some cherries. I did half the amount of sugar to the strained liquid and it was great. Kids loved it and dd1 was very impressed to find out there was a whole jar more in the fridge, lol. Did wonder if they knew what cordial was but asked dd2 when we were making it and she told me she'd had some at a friends house.

Dessert was Tropical Sorbet - using the tropical frozen fruit mix (pineapple, mango and papaya I think) from frozberries. I made half mixture, stopping and mixing with the spatula half way through as with the smaller quantities you can't mix as well through the top. This mix is really nice as a sorbet.

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