And how could I have forgotten the highlight of last week's cooking, Hollondaise sauce - so lots of yummy eggs this week.
Unbelievable how easy sauces re in the thermomix.

Oh and for the girls the added highlight of meringues made with the egg whites.


Not posted in ages, sorry!!!

So spot light day, some of this weeks meals/favourites.

No cook museli bars - sort of following the LTM recipe (see here or the themomix forum) melt the sugar, butter, honey and then added previously chopped dried fruit, oats, and some rice bubbles and/or corn flakes. (we had lots of leftover ends of cereal, lol).

Mashed potatoes, as always a favourite. This was with grilled chicken and tmx steamed veg.

Tuna and corn burgers - from good food magazine. 3 slices bread to breadcrumbs, 1/2 a tin of corn, blend, add tin of tuna rest of corn (both largish tins).  chopped shallots. Make into burgers and fry.

Chicken pie - using leftover roast chicken, sauted mushrooms and onions and made the gravy in the tmx.

And of course our pretty much weekly chicken stock and resulting soup - such a great way to make the most of a roast chicken (already been roast and then pie). This weeks was a vegie soup - soaked and then cooked soup mix for 1/2 an hour, added thinly sliced vegies and cooked for another 20 mins.

Curry night

The kids favourite and much requested Curry Night.
Didn't do the usual favourites of Butter Chicken and Dahl from the EDC.
Tonight I made the Chicken Korma from the Indian cookbook - really yummy!! And everyone's absolute favourite - naan bread using the Indian book recipe (including the cumin and dried onion).
Made the naan dough, Cooked the chicken Korma and popped into the Thermoserver. Then made rice in the thermomix, popped a cauliflower and mushroom dish cooking on the stove (heated little oil, added ground cumin and coriander and turmeric, cauliflower, tin of organic tomatoes, little water, mushrooms. Cooked for 10 mins with lid on, then a few minutes with lid off.
Meanwhile was cooking the naan breads so all was ready together.
All was devoured!

10th May 2012

Sorry for being so absent and really will try to start doing some more spotlight days.
Tuesday this week I took a couple of photos. 
Dinner I made the pea and ham soup from the Robogourmet app (used chicken stock made in the tmx instead of water). You really do need a small hock to fit in the steaming basket though. Those that liked it really did, but 2 out of the 5 of us didn't like it, included the two biggest soup eaters dd2 and dd3. So not going to make it onto our regular menu, but a nice ham and pea soup. 
Also made cheese topped bread rolls to go with it. 
Dessert was custard tarts. 
Made a thickish custard in the tmx. Meanwhile take a packet of wonton wrappers. Place one wrapper, lightly wet, sprinkle on some castor or icing sugar, place a second wrapper on top so it makes a star type shape. Place in a muffin tin and bake 10-15mins. Allow the cases and the custard to cool. Then pour a bit of the custard in each case and put in the fridge to chill. 
Lovely served with berries!

Moroccan Lamb

Tried the Sweet and Spicy Moroccan Lamb from the robogourmet app a couple of nights ago.
Was a family favourite with 4-5 stars from each of the kids.
We did agree that it could do with a bit more spicy to make it perfect.
Great yummy recipe we will be having again!!!
Would also work well with beef.

And yesterday made stock using chicken wings as I didn't have leftover chicken bones, and no carcasses at the chicken shop, worked great, still great tasting stock and quite a bit of meat to add to the soup (which was chicken and sweetcorn, mmmm a favourite!!)


Well had visitors here so a bit more bbq cooking and going out but some tmx showing off too with a great curry night (naan from the Indian book, dahl from the edc, chicken madras - my conversion linked here a few times I'm sure), usual soup and wontons etc.

Made some really great Carrot and muesli muffins and I promise I'll find the recipe and add it. (was in a local newspaper).

This morning I've been doing some cooking and made these http://www.stephberg.com/?p=3114 oatbars, currently have lamb roasting in the oven and brocolli and celery soup going in the tmx. Should have plenty of food for the next couple of busy evenings.

Spotlight day

Thought I'd also start doing some Spotlight days. In the theme of why this blog was created, which was to show how often and on what I use my Thermomix for.
So today was a normal day in my kitchen. A weekend day so the chance of some baking (we aren't big baking family but usually make something on the weekend for lunch boxes etc).

Breakfast - pancake batter.
Made spreadable butter - as it's hot I've changed the recipe a bit so it doesn't melt so easily - 150g butter, 100g water, 100g rice bran oil.
Lunch made rice (to go with left over beef stroganoff, cooked in the tmx last night).
Afternoon made banana bread (forum recipe linked a few posts ago, still a winner!)
Dinner we had roast and made the gravy in the tmx.

So you can see how the tmx has integrated it's way into our lives and cooking and even after all this time is still being used multiple times a day.

Mock Rice and chocolate dessert

OK not been a week or more since last blog but a couple of interesting things to blog.
1. chocolate dessert by chookie from the forum , so so so so simple. Evap milk, chocolate and gelatin. And YUM!!!!!!!!!!
2. Mock rice by Helene. http://www.superkitchenmachine.com/2012/15926/mock-rice-thermomix-recipes.html Basically cauliflower rice (5 seconds on reverse speed 5) OMG this is brilliant. My kids love cauliflower so loved this - they preferred raw, I preferred cooked.
But for anyone wanting to lower carbs, calories, glycemic load, and more protein then try this. We had it with wontons (so the skins had the processed carbs already) and stir fry asian veg.

I'm not a cauliflower fan like the kids but really enjoyed it cooked, added a little soy sauce (or any other fitting sauce) and I think it's a great substitute.

7 January update

Wow can't believe how the time is flying by! Where did Christmas go? Soon it'll be time for the kids to go back to school and I don't feel rested yet!

Favourites from the last couple of weeks.
Well despite hoping to be adventurous over the holidays we are still very busy so it's all old favourites.

Banana bread using this recipe - http://www.forumthermomix.com/index.php?topic=2962.0 def a winner.
Enchilada's (forum recipe, will be linked on here) still dd2's favourite meal.
Usual stock and soup - made a cream of brocolli and mushroom one this week, yum!
Had chicken in yoghurt two nights ago which dd2 had been asking for for ages, was a nice as I remembered it. (forum recipe, though think it comes from the indian cookbook but I always use the printed copy I have).