Tuesday 31st May - porridge, garlic/onions, rice

Breakfast - porridge.

Dinner - Made a beef stew in the pressure cooker. Chopped garlic and onions in the tmx and also cooked rice.

Monday 30th May - porridge, quick chicken and rice curry

Breakfast - porridge

Lunch - made a quick chicken, mushroom and rice curry.

Heated oil,
Added 2 cubed chicken thigh fillets and sliced mushrooms. 2 tbsp of curry paste (I used madras so quite spicy but use whatever you like and to the amount/ heat you like), 1/2 tin of tomatoes (200g) and 100 mls water. 1/2 cup of rice (you could add more for a thicker and more rice-y dish).
Cooked 20mins, 100 ° speed 1 reverse.
Really loved this, an even quicker and easier version of my quick curry recipe with adding the rice to the dish.

Saturday/Sunday 28th/29th May - chicken and chorizo stew, pikelets, salad, creamy brown rice soup


Dinner - chicken and chorizo stew - will post recipe later. This was really yummy. Despite being quite spicy dd2 loved it and she usually doesn't like a lot of sauce or too much spice.


Breakfast - pikelets using nay-nays recipe off the forum - yum!!

Lunch - carrot, celery and capsicum salad (with a little mayo and sour cream)

Dinner - Quirky Jo's creamy brown rice soup - yummy as always.

Friday 27th May - rice, vegetables, gravy

Dinner - Dropped the kids at gym, then cooked a 'roast' chicken in the pressure cooker whilst cooking tmx rice and vegies in the varoma. (so less than 30 mins from starting to prep)
Popped them in the thermoserver, picked up the girls, then whilst dishing up made a gravy from the juices in the tmx.
Yummy and perfect for our busy afternoons.

Wednesday 25th May - porridge, rice

Breakfast - porridge

Lunch - rice to go with leftovers of the chicken with soy and lime.

Tuesday May 24 - 4 berry porridge, chicken tempra

Breakfast - 4 berry porridge. Once again a thankyou to Quirky Jo for the idea of flavouring the porridge, add frozen 4 berry mix this morning, another yummy porridge alternative.

Dinner - Babi Tempra from the Asian cookbook. Pork with lime and soy.
But I made it with chicken thighs as suggested and only cooked for 30 mins.
Was really nice. I also added some veg 15 mins (next time will do 10 mins, not sure why I put them in early, we like our veg crispy, though wasn't overcooked at all) before the end. All cooked great.
A lovely slightly sweet taste the kids loved. Surprisingly loads of sauce which you could even thicken.
On the will make again list. We all love lime.

Monday 23rd May - apple and cinnamon porridge, haloumi patties

Breakfast - apple and cinnamon porridge - thanks to Quirky Jo for the recipe (I used my usual amounts for the porridge so less than Jo's so only used one apple, but think next time I'll try two anyway)

Dinner - Haloumi Patties.
Adapted from a recipe in this months masterchef magazine.

Make 100g breadcrumbs (the recipe called for panko breadcrumbs but I don't like the additives)

Place 400g rinsed chickpeas
1/2 small red onion
1 clove garlic (I did 2 small ones)
250 g haloumi
50g parmesan (I ran out so did 30g parmesan 25g cheddar)
I also added coriander.
Also the recipe had lemon zest and I missed that bit - would have been really lovely with it.
I also forgot to add the egg, but it bound fine without it.

Process speed 5-6 until a thick paste.
Form into 8 patties. coat in egg mixture and then breadcrumbs. Shallow fry for 3 mins each side.

Really yum. We served with an egg, mushroom and breadcrumb mix (leftovers, lol), carrots and the kids had some pasta too (dd3 really wanted pasta tonight).

These were so much easier to make in the tmx than their version.

Sunday 22nd May

Poor TMX!!! Though guess it deserves a day off.

One of the few days when I didn't use the tmx, and we were actually at home too, odd.
Breakfast had eggs.
Lunch - salads - (leftover) chicken and avocado - did use tmx mayo in the dressing, greek salad, lettuce, onion, pepperoni, cheeses etc.
Dinner - dh was inspired by river cottage last night so we had 'hotdogs' - bbq'd sausages and cooked apple slices, bbq onions, with salad and bought crusty rolls. Was really yum. Did have tmx made tomato sauce on the hotdogs though.

Saturday 21st May - pancakes, chicken slice, cheese and zucchini muffins beef curry

Breakfast - pancakes

Snacks - cheese and zucchini muffins. Must make some different ones but they are dd3's favourite and fairly healthy. Cooked in a mini muffin tin perfect for lunch boxes (and preschool don't even complain about them - sent her in with a bite size piece of the lemon yoghurt cake last week and it was sent home - but they feed them honey sandwiches for morning tea!!!!)

Lunch - made chicken pies/slice. Sautéed mushrooms, garlic and butter in the tmx and added to leftover chicken, a dollop of sour cream and pepper. Wrapped the mixture in puff pastry and baked. Everyone loves these.

Dinner - beef curry. Made a curry based on the rogan josh recipe in the Indian book. Was ok, tasted fine but was a bit watery and grey. Added mushrooms, capsicum and green beans for the last 15 minutes to make a complete meal with rice. (also used ground cinnamon etc not whole)

Friday 20th May - porridge, stock, chicken and vegetable soup

Breakfast - porridge.

Then made some chicken stock.

Dinner - used the stock to make soup.
Chopped a clove of garlic, added a small onion and chopped, sauted, added carrot, celery, zucchini, 1 potato and chopped. Added stock, chili flakes, parsley, coriander, soup mix, chicken. cooked 40 mins, speed 1, reverse, 100 degrees.

Thursday 19th May - porridge

Breakfast - porridge.
Chicken and salad stuff for the rest of the day.

Wednesday 18th May - porridge, curried mince

Breakfast - porridge.

Dinner - reheated some of the curried mince I made a couple of weeks ago in a big mince cook and freeze, adding some capsicum and green beans and cooked for 10 mins. Served with rice.

Tuesday 17th May - smoothie

Breakfast - smoothie.

Though I didn't use the tmx for the other meals, I had leftover stir fry for lunch and kievs from the freezer for dinner.

Monday 16th May - porridge, stir fried beef with red capsicum

Breakfast - porridge

Dinner - a new recipe, our first from the Taste's of Asia cookbook I got last week.
Stir fried beef with red capsicum.

This was a very easy and quick stir fry (as stir fries should be) with the recipe times the vegies were lovely and crisp and perfectly cooked. The sauce was nice. Nothing exciting but a lovely flavour and everyone enjoyed. I would definitely make it again.

Sunday 15th May - juice, apricot jam, pizza dough and sauces

Breakfast - juice

Made apricot jam.

Dinner - pizza - made the pizza dough and the sauces (garlic butter, and a tomato base) in the Thermomix.

Saturday 14th May - boiled eggs, potato salad, mashed potatoes, chocolate icecream, lemon yoghurt cake, Gourmet beef,

Breakfast - boiled eggs

Lunch - cooked up cubed potatoes and made a potato salad
(cooked potatoes, cooked crispy bacon, parsley, red onion, mayonnaise and yoghurt)
Also used some of the potatoes to make mashed potato.

Afternoon - made Julie O's chocolate ice creambut added 150ml milk - this made the quantity up to the amount my ice cream maker needs and I think made it just right, still very rich but not as overpowering.
Also dd1 made Lemon Yoghurt cake, recipe also on the forum.

Dinner - Robyn's Gourmet Beef - added carrots and mushrooms to it and served with rice.
Dessert was the cake and icecream.

Thursday 12th, Friday 13th May - porridge, juice, cheese, stock, Cauliflower Soup

Blogger has been down for posting so here is the last couple of days posts

Thursday 12th May

Breakfast - porridge and orange and mandarin juice

Lunch - I went to a friend's Thermomix demo (and she is buying one yah!!!) so not made in my tmx but had a lovely sorbet with orange, lemon, lime, and a bit of pineapple, beetroot salad, mushroom risotto, rolls, hummus and vanilla custard (made with goat's milk)

For dinner we had burrito's. Grated the cheese in the tmx. The mince mixture was from the freezer but had previously been made in the tmx.

Friday 13th May

Made liquid chicken stock in the morning for Dinner - cauliflower soup.

Milled coriander, cumin, and chili flakes, then added garlic and onion and chopped, then sauted, then added stock, cauliflower and cooked 15 mins, added flour and cooked 5 mins. Then blitzed for 1 minute.

It thickened up nicely in the thermoserver but I would add a potato if eating straight away.

All three girls had 3 servings and really loved this soup. It was really creamy and lovely flavours (dd1 picked the indian spices) and didn't need any extra cream.

Wednesday 11th May - porridge

Breakfast - porridge.

Out the rest of the day and had bbq chicken and rolls and salad.

Quick update

Just a quick update on my thoughts about my thermomix.

Coming up to a year of having my tmx and still loving it.
I don't feel the need to use it for everything but most meals are cooked in it. We do have 'cold' meals and leftovers mostly for lunch and also for dinner a couple of times a week to fit in around the kids activities.
There are some things I prefer to do the traditional way and we have roasts and other oven cooked meals and I use the slow cooker occasionally. I prefer to cook eggs on the stove top and as we have chickens we have eggs regularly for breakfast. Though often part of the meal will still be made in the tmx - e.g. gravy with a roast - totally takes that end of cooking a roast meal stress away, no need to stir the gravy the tmx does it for you whilst you are dishing up and slicing.
Also I am very into as quick as possible cooking, so if I'm making a casserole, rice and steamed veg, I will cook the casserole in the tmx, the rice in the rice cooker and the veg steamed or microwaved. I prefer rice cooking in the tmx but until I could have 2 of them time is the biggest factor for me. I'd happily use the tmx more if I had 2!!!!!
I just did a quick count from the last two weeks and the tmx was used 40 times, so an average of 2.8 times a day - way more than any other appliance I can think of!!
I am also extremely time poor at the moment so not making bread very often and using a load of other short cuts.
My grocery bill is still way way less than it was pre TMX and most things are still home made (the kids are just eating a lot of rice crackers as I'm not making loads of snacks, though double quantities of muffins and freezing really helps).
Things like jam whereby I'd buy expensive ones are a great saving.
I have definitely saved far more money having the tmx than it cost and also we are eating a lot better with less preservatives and store bought snacks. I always thought we had hardly any but looking at the difference in size and cost of shopping, things have definitely changed.
Still loving how easy the tmx is to use and also to clean. It sits on the bench top and is used for lots of things I would put off doing because of the mess. The cleaning is a big thing for me.
I'm still very happy with my purchase and would recommend one to anyone. I think the Thermomix is a great tool that can and should have a major part in most households.

Tuesday 10th May - mayonnaise, rice, piri piri sauce, vegetables

Today I made some mayonnaise - dh wanted some to go with tuna for his lunches, I'm sure dd2 will be pleased to know I made a batch too.

Lunch - rice.

Dinner - we had Jamie Oliver's piri piri chicken (30 min meals book) with rice and steamed veg.
Made the piri piri sauce in the tmx (using homemade sweet paprika too) and then cooked the rice and vegetables in the tmx. (the chicken was pan fried and then oven baked).
This was really yummy and dd2 really loved the sauce.

Sunday 8th May - juice, shortbread, muffins, yorkies, gravy

Happy Mother's Day to those that are celebrating today. Hope you were spoilt!

Breakfast - orange and mandarin juice (to go with mother's day bacon and eggs).

This morning made (well dh helped dd1) shortbread. Then some cheese and zucchini muffins for lunchboxes this week.

Dinner was roast lamb - yorkshire pudding batter and gravy made in the tmx.

Friday 6th May - porridge, stock, soup

Breakfast - porridge.
Then made a chicken stock from yesterday's carcass to be used as soup for dinner.

Dinner - the girls favourite - chicken, vegetable and udon noodle soup.

Tuesday 3rd May -porridge, honey soy chicken drummettes

Breakfast - porridge.

Dinner - honey soy chicken drummettes (forum recipe) with rice and veg.

Monday 2nd May - rice, cheese sauce

Lunch - rice

Dinner we had roast leftovers but made cauliflower cheese with the cheese sauce being made in the tmx. So so easy. dd2, who normally isn't keen on sauces, really loved this cheese sauce (basically the edc recipe but with extra cheese) and had extra.

Sunday 1st May - porridge, smoothie, playdough, fruit balls, yorkies, gravy

Breakfast made porridge and smoothie.

Then made some playdough (red and white)
Then made some dried fruit balls for lunch box snacks for the week.

Dinner was roast lamb - made yorkshire pudding batter in the TMX and the gravy.