Monday/Tuesday August 29/30th - porridge, pork in beer

Monday was just porridge I think.

Tuesday was dinner - pork in beer casserole (recipe on here, though this time I just popped the veg in for the last 25 mins - don't imagine I cooked it for the whole hour like I wrote in the recipe; the recipe is also on the forum.

Sunday 28th August - stock, chicken and sweetcorn soup, butter, orange muffins, vanilla pudding, mashed potato, steamed veg

Made chicken stock, and from that made chicken and sweetcorn soup (stock, cooked chicken, creamed corn, corn, seasoning) for lunch.

Made spreadable butter (recipe linked on here somewhere from Quirky Jo's recipe).

Made orange muffins (forum recipe using the whole orange) for this weeks lunch boxes.

Made vanilla pudding (recipe on here/linked, from the forum vanilla slice recipe but without the biscuits.

Dinner made mashed potato and steamed veg to go with schnitzel.

Saturday 27th August - pizza

I personally didn't use the tmx today as did bacon and eggs for breakfast and salad and rolls for lunch and then was out, but dh made pizza for dinner for the kids.
So at least the pizza dough was made in the tmx.

Friday 26th August - porridge

Just porridge in the thermomix today.
As the weather improves and with all the kids activities 'lunch as dinner' (as dd1 calls it) cold meats, salad type meals will become even more common.

Wednesday 24th August - porridge, gourmet beef

Breakfast - porridge

Dinner - Robyn's gourmet beef from the forum with carrots and mushrooms. Yum as always!!!

Tuesday 23rd August - porridge

Only porridge for breakfast today as did chicken and vegie kebabs and potatoes dauphinoise in the oven for dinner.

Sunday/Monday 22nd/23rd August - porridge, wontons, chicken kiev

Sorry not updated the blog for a couple of days.

Sunday not sure what I made during the day but made wonton mixture for dinner.

Monday - porridge for breakfast (recipe I use on here), dinner - chicken kiev - recipe from the forum, still an absolute favourite here.

Saturday 20th August - smoothie, vanilla macaron's, minestrone soup

Breakfast - smoothie

Made Vanilla macaron's with dd1. So made the almond meal and icing sugar in the tmx. Then beat the egg whites.
Then in the afternoon after they'd been left to set, then baked and cooled made the vanilla butter filling in the tmx.
(this was a recipe from a cookbook dd1 had borrowed from the library).

Lunch - minestrone soup - this is once again the Minestrone Soup and Pasta recipe from the forum. Really yummy as usual. Used chicken stock instead of water and vegie stock concentrate.

Friday 19th August - porridge, chicken stock, honey soy chicken drumettes, steamed vegetables, pate

Breakfast - porridge.

Made chicken stock.

Lunch made honey soy chicken drumettes, haven't had these favourites in ages!!! Didn't pre marinate them, so just cooked in the sauce, yum. Steamed veg in the varoma to go with them and rice (done separately to save time). The recipe is from the forum and linked from here somewhere.

Then made some pate. (edc recipe)

Thursday 18th August - porridge

Think it was just porridge.
Had salads and leftovers for lunch and omelette's and salad for dinner.

Wednesday 17th August - porridge, chicken and mushrooms in white sauce

Breakfast - porridge

Dinner - Made super quick chicken and mushrooms in white sauce to go with pasta, have cooked this a few times and probably explained better but basically white sauce (1/2 amount, only cook 5 mins) then added sliced mushrooms, shredded cooked chicken and pepper and cook for another 5 mins (but on reverse, speed1) Such a quick and easy dinner, super tasty. dd1 particularly loved tonights and had lots of seconds and has asked for the leftovers for morning tea at school tomorrow and she has never taken in a hot meal to school.

Mon 15th/Tues 16th August - porridge, coleslaw, butter

Monday 15th - just porridge for breakfast I think. Lunch was leftovers and dinner was oven baked fish and chips.

Tuesday 16th -
Breakfast - porridge.

Made a couple of salads for lunch/dinner - made coleslaw in the tmx (and a cous cous salad on the stovetop).
Made a batch of spreadable butter (Quirky Jo's recipe see several entries on here).

Sunday 14th August - pikelets, ltm's, curry, naan, daal

Breakfast - pikelet batter (using Naynay's recipe from the tmx forum)

Made LTM's (rice bubble bars) for the kids lunch boxes (recipe on the forum)

Dinner - Indian.
Made the slow cooked beef curry - used the other half of the curry powder I made a couple of weeks ago in the tmx, recipe link will be there, it's from the forum.
Made naan bread - the onion and cumin naan from the Indian cookbook.
Made daal - edc recipe mostly.
I also made rice but used the rice cooker whilst the rest was cooking away.

Saturday 13th August - boiled eggs, stock, yorkies, gravy

Breakfast - boiled eggs. Still love how easy it is to boil eggs in the tmx (edc recipe), though today I also did poached eggs to make everyone happy.

Made chicken stock. I worked out on the fact that I make liquid chicken stock on average once a week I save over $150 a year on stock alone (compared to using the packaged liquid stocks I used to use). Stock is just so easy to make using the tmx and using the basket means it's already strained and ready to store/use when it finished cooking.

Dinner - we had roast lamb - Yorkshire pudding batter (recipe from Jamie's 30 minute meals and on here somewhere - 1 cup flour, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, blend. heat muffin tin for 15 mins, pour in oil and batter mixture quickly and pop back in oven and cook 14 mins) and gravy done in the tmx.

Thur/Fri 11/12th August - porridge, rice, potato/cauliflower/brocolli soup

Thursday - the only cooking was porridge for breakfast.

Friday - guess what porridge for breakfast, lol.
Lunch tmx made rice to go with chicken curry.

Dinner - potato, cauliflower and brocolli soup.
Garlic chopped, homemade chicken stock, potato, cauliflower and broccoli, mixed herbs and chilli flakes cooked 20 mins, then blended and some cream added. (served with bread and oven baked corn on the cob).

Tuesday 9th August - porridge, stock, mashed potato and veg

Breakfast - porridge (how boring!)

Made some chicken stock.
Dinner - we had lamb steaks served with mashed potato and veg cooked in the tmx.

Monday August 8th - porridge, wonton mixture, rice, veg

Breakfast the usual porridge.

Dinner - wonton mixture - made a double batch of wontons to have some to take preschool for a morning tea function.
Served with rice and steamed veg cooked in the tmx.

Sunday 7th August - pancakes, chicken and sweetcorn soup, truffles, pizza dough, sauces, butter

Quite a lot of tmx cooking today.

Breakfast was pancakes with the batter made in the tmx.

Lunch was chicken and sweetcorn soup - the stock was made in the tmx yesterday, then grated ginger and garlic, added, stock, tin of creamed corn and cooked 10 mins, then added a small tin of sweetcorn kernals, shredded cooked chicken and pepper and cooked another 10 mins.
Really yummy, super quick and easy soup.

Made ganache for truffles.

Dinner was pizza.
Made two lots of pizza dough (dinner tonight and also for calzones for school/work lunches)
Then made a tomato sauce (garlic, herbs, tin of tomatoes)
Also made a garlic butter sauce (garlic, herbs, butter, olive oil) as the kids love a garlic pizza to start with.
Also made a lot of spreadable butter for the fridge (see recipe earlier as per Quirky Jo - but 100g butter, 100g rice bran oil, 100g filtered water, blended.)

Saturday 6th August - stock, stuffing, gravy

Made chicken stock.

Had roast chicken for dinner.
The tmx was used to make the stuffing (made breadcrumbs with fresh parsley, thyme and rosemary and set aside. Chopped garlic, onion, celery, a little bacon, added butter and oil and sautéed for 5 mins. Mixed with the breadcrumbs and an egg and stuffed the chicken (a lovely corn fed chicken I got on 1/2 price special this morning! bargain!)
Made yorkshire pudding batter (same recipe as usual as per Jamie Oliver's 30 min meals)
And then made gravy with the pan juices, some of todays chicken stock etc.

Friday 5th August - porridge, chicken and mushroom in white sauce

Breakfast - porridge (recipe on here)

Lunch made chicken and mushroom in white sauce. (white sauce with 300/30/30 - only for me and dd3 - cooked a couple of minutes then added sliced mushrooms and cooked chicken, cooked another 8 mins. ) to go with pasta.

Dinner was oven based - potato, courgette and mince (bolognaise type from the other night - cooked in tmx) bake (with cream and cheese) served with oven baked corn on the cob (this is a great easy dinner for a picking the kids up night - pop in the oven, cook, turn the oven off but leave it all in there so when you get back it's all still piping hot.

Thursday 4th August - porridge

Porridge for breakfast. And think that was it for cooking.
Salad and bbq chicken for lunch and leftovers for dinner.

Wednesday 3rd August - porridge, rice, mince for taco's

Breakfast porridge (recipe as on here)

Lunch - rice to go with leftovers from last nights curried sausages (edc rice recipe)

Dinner - taco's, made a mince in the tmx (recipe from my head, lol)

Tuesday 2nd August - porridge, curried sausages and rice

Breakfast - porridge.

Dinner - Curried Sausages. Been wanting to try this recipe for ages and it's as reported really delicious!! Forgot the photo again we all just dug in.
Makes heaps! Enough for two meals for the girls and I. I left out the sultana's as I really don't like them but was lovely. Everyone loved the apple in particular.

Monday 1st August - porridge, chicken vegetable udon soup.

Wow August already!!!
Summer is coming, lol. Dreaming of sorbets.

Today, porridge for breakfast.

And dinner made soup (from chicken stock from yesterday), dd3 shouted out that she wanted her favourite vegetable udon soup and as we've not had it in ages I agreed. (I'm sure the recipe is on here several times, also added some fish sauce and because I added extra water to make a bigger batch a tbs of vegie stock concentrate - which dd1 picked up on immediately as it was saltier than my normal soups, but packed full of flavour).