Curry night

The kids favourite and much requested Curry Night.
Didn't do the usual favourites of Butter Chicken and Dahl from the EDC.
Tonight I made the Chicken Korma from the Indian cookbook - really yummy!! And everyone's absolute favourite - naan bread using the Indian book recipe (including the cumin and dried onion).
Made the naan dough, Cooked the chicken Korma and popped into the Thermoserver. Then made rice in the thermomix, popped a cauliflower and mushroom dish cooking on the stove (heated little oil, added ground cumin and coriander and turmeric, cauliflower, tin of organic tomatoes, little water, mushrooms. Cooked for 10 mins with lid on, then a few minutes with lid off.
Meanwhile was cooking the naan breads so all was ready together.
All was devoured!