Sunday 30th January - hash browns, smoothie, cheese and zucchini muffins, guenter's crackers, chicken kebabs, potatoes and veg

Hash browns - did the removing 1/2 the mixture after 3 seconds and then blitzing the rest and think it went well.

Guenter's Crisp Crackers
Found these hard work to roll out, but then read a new tip to put the dough through a pasta machine! Would have made it much easier. I also left them in the oven as it cooled as the recipe said but they ended up a little overcooked.
Made the herb ones and they were very tasty so will try again.
Cheese and zucchini muffins - Yes school goes back tomorrow so more fridge/freezer lunchbox foods made, these were always a favourite.
Honey, lime and soy marinade for chicken kebabs.
Then cooked baby new potatoes and steamed veg in the Thermomix to go with the meats for dinner.

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