Tuesday 4th January - smoothie, mustard, pate, herb spread, vegie soup, bread

Breakfast - smoothie

Then made mustard - very impressed with this. Soaked the mustard seeds for a day and half in vinegar with a clove of garlic, then it took just a minute to make up the mustard today. The girls all had a taste (think I have odd children as they were all fighting over who got to lick the spatula - mustard at breakfast time, mmm) and declared it just like the other stuff (meaning shop bought). So another great money saver.

Then made a batch of pate.

Lunch - had some left over tortilla's in the fridge. So blended up some garlic and mixed herbs and put this with some mozarella on them and baked for a few minutes. Yummy!!! Served with salads.

Dinner - vegetable soup - chicken stock, garlic, ginger, some soup mix, mixed veg (I bought a big bag of frozen mixed veg - carrot, corn, peas - from the frozen berry place but as we never use frozen veg I hadn't used it. Went perfectly in the soup and the girls shared a bowl of the veg frozen whilst it was cooking - once again did I say my kids are a little odd?) - really nice soup.

Also served up leftovers - and that pork belly from last night was even better tonight!!

A loaf of bread.


  1. The more I read your blog, the more I think I need a Thermomix! I think the mustard has won it for me!
    PS Your kids are no weirder than mine! When we have shelling peas, very few get cooked!

  2. LOL Belinda, Lara's fav are "pod the peas" (she actually thinks they are called that). But I don't bother even trying to get them to the cooking stage.
    You could do the mustard in a good food processor.

  3. She is a cutie! I don't actually have a food processor, hence my thinking it may be time to get one!

  4. Zan, could you share the recipe for mustard?
    Love watching your blog, always something new to try.

  5. Cathy, will publish a post about it.