Thursday 30th September - smoothie, salad, stock

Breakfast - banana smoothie
Lunch - cabbage, celery, spring onion and apple salad.
Stock from the chicken from lunch.

Wed 29th September- shortbread, pastry, lemon meringue pie, bread crumbs

Did a bit of cooking today.
Made - shortbread biscuits (EDC)
Made short crust pastry - and then lemon meringue pie (EDC)
Made herby parmesan bread crumbs for chicken schnitzel for dinner.

Tuesday 28th September - porridge, jam, gravy

Breakfast - porridge

Made strawberry jam.

Dinner was roast so made the gravy in the Thermomix.

Monday 27th September - dip, honey soy chicken and steamed veg, custard

In the morning I made garlic and herb dip (edc)
Then made the marinade for the honey soy chicken wingettes.

Dinner cooked the wingettes whilst steaming veg (bok choy, carrot, yellow squash, brocolli, capsicum) in the varoma and served with rice.

Desert - chocolate custard.

Sunday 26th September - pasta

The girls had creamy tomato pasta for dinner.

Saturday 25th September - banana cake

Banana Cake - Used this recipe - really yummy.

Friday 24th September - pasta

Dinner was tuna pasta (similar to the EDC creamy tomato and salami pasta but with tuna).

Thursday 23rd September - stock, chicken noodle soup

Thursday 23rd September
Dinner - made stock from the chicken from lunch and then made it into chicken noodle soup (with garlic, chilli, soy sauce, carrot, cabbage, spring onion, chicken cooked for 10 mins and then rice noodles added for last 10 mins)

Tuesday 21st September - Lemon fish with rice and steamed veg.

Dinner - lemon and parsley fish fillet with rice and steamed veg.
Following the salmon tikka recipe from the UK I cooked fish, rice and veg.

I put the fish fillet in the bottom of the varoma with some garlic slices, lemon slices and parsley.
Added broccoli floretsand green beans to the top tray of the varoma.

Monday 20th September - bread, butter chicken

Bread (white loaf).

Dinner - Butter chicken (EDC recipe)

Sunday 19th September - chocolate pudding, pasta

Made chocolate puddings for dessert (recipe see previous post)
And dinner for the girls was creamy tomato pasta - their favourite.

Saturday 18th September - lamb marinade

Had slow cooked lamb shanks for dinner.
Made a marinade/sauce of garlic, onion, thyme, rosemary, tomatoes and lemon to cook it in.

Friday 17th September - chicken balls

Dinner was chicken balls

made breadcrumbs, put aside

minced 500g chicken, put aside

chopped garlic, parsley and basil

chopped onion, zucchini, red capsicum, 100g feta

Added chicken and breadrumbs and mixed.

Made into balls and cooked 30mins 200degrees.

These were really yummy, dd2 in particular went back for fourths!

Loved the salty and creaminess of the feta.

Based on the edc recipe (well that's where I got the feta idea from).

Thursday 16th September - spinach/feta dip, pasta, custard

Dip - made the spinach and feta dip again - def a winner.

Dinner - Creamy tomato and salami pasta from the EDC

Dessert - vanilla custard.

Wednesday 15th September - honey soy chicken wingettes, veg, bread

Buckwheat/white loaf of bread. (50g of buckwheat)

Dinner - my fav - honey soy chicken wingettes.
Did the vegies in the varoma whilst cooking the chicken then popped them in the bowl with some of the marinade and a little water for 2mins.

Tuesday 14th September - playdough, sausage, mash, vegetables and gravy, bread

Made some blue playdough this morning (using the tweaked recipe on the forum - have updated my EDC).

I haven't made playdough in years as I find it too hard to stir with my poor hands so this was great and so easy.

Dinner was sausages, mash and gravy with carrots and asparagus.
Still loving the ease of doing all this in the TMX.

Monday 13th September - LTM, garlic bread, soup

LTM's - kid's rice bubble snacks
The older girls were very excited I'd made more of these as they were a favourite. I pressed them into deeper bars so think they work better.

Dinner - soup and garlic breakd
Garlic bread using this recipe
made the bread then folded the garlic butter into the loaf, mmmm the moistest garlicy bread, yum! Makes heaps.

served with yummy chicken and veg soup
chicken stock from yesterday, firstly ground garlic and chili, then added an onion and processed, then sauted for 2 mins. added chicken stock and heated for 5 mins, added the cooked chicken and veg (celery, carrot, small tin of sweet corn - the ones you get in a pack of 4) cooked for 10 mins then added the chopped spinach (I didnt have any chinese greens like bok choy) and cooked for another 5 mins.
Very yummy, and as for the bread the house stinks of garlic, it was lovely without adding butter and was worth it.

Sunday 12th September - smoothie, gravy, stock

Banana smoothie for breakfast.

Dinner was roast chicken, so the Thermomix made the gravy and then stock from the bones ready for soup tomorrow.

Oh and the dips I made yesterday went down well at the BBQ today. That spinach and feta one must be made again soon - dd1 would like me to make a batch for her to eat off a spoon, lol.

Saturday 11th September - porridge, hummus, garlic herb dip, spinach and feta dip, pasta, strawberry dessert

Breakfast - porridge

In the afternoon I made some dips to take to a BBQ tomorrow
Herb and Garlic

The spinach and feta dip is so yummy and will definitely become a family favourite.

Dinner - the girls had tomato and spinach pasta
Desert - sort of a cross between sorbet and fruit dream - frozen strawberries, sugar, ice, 2 egg whites.

Friday 10th September - garlic, yoghurt marinade

Had planned a cooking day but didn't manage it.
But peeled and froze a load of garlic.

then dinner made a marinade of for chicken drumsticks - garlic, parsley, thyme all chopped, then added seeded mustard, paprika and yoghurt

Very yummy, served with homemade wedges and steamed veg.

Thursday 9th September - chocolate pudding, cheesy breadsticks, soy sauce chicken

Made the creamy chocolate puddings from the forum
This was so easy to make and looking great. And they are so yummy. Will definitely be a regular in our house.
Mine didn't look quite that good, lol, but very nice and the girls like them.
Dinner was the soy sauce chicken and veg I made last week Friday 3rd September - soy stir fry chicken - once again yummy.

Wednesday 8th September - garlic mash, steamed veg

Wednesday 8th September
Dinner was served with garlic mashed potatoes (ground a clove of garlic first, putting about half in with the potatoes in the basket, rest left in the bowl with the water) and steamed veg (carrots and asparagus) in the varoma.

Tuesday 7th September - creamy tomato pasta

Dinner tonight was a creamy tomato pasta - based on the salami fettucini in the EDC but without salami, lol.

Monday 6th September - muffins, stroganoff

Monday 6th August
Made these banana choc chip muffins
They were pretty good though a bit sweet, would use less sugar next time.

Dinner was a stroganoff type pork dish, yummy.

Saturday 4th September - pizza dough, pasta

The girls had a sleepover and made pizza (dough and grated cheese in the Thermomix).

dh made tomato pasta.

Friday 3rd September - soy stir fry chicken

Dinner tonight was a stir fry chicken dish.

I chopped garlic, little bit of ginger and then onion and some chinese five spice, sauted in a mix of olive and sesame oil (2 mins, 90 degrees) then add the chicken and soy sauce (cooked 10 mins, 100 degrees, reverse speed soft), added veg - carrots, beans and mushrooms and a little water and cooked a further 10 mins.
Served with rice, YUM!!

Thursday 2nd September - potato and broccoli soup

Made chicken stock from the bones from the chicken from lunch.
Then made it into a potato and broccoli soup.
So easy!!!

Wed 1st September - smoothie, garlic mushrooms, sausage pasta

Busy day today as my store ArtEZan is a sponsor on the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt that started today but the Thermomix still had a few uses.

Breakfast - banana smoothie.

Lunch - garlic mushrooms,

chop garlic (5 secs speed 6) add butter - cook 90 2 mins speed 1

add sliced mushrooms, cook 5 mins 90 reverse speed soft

Really impressed by this. Really quick and easy.

Dinner - Sausage Pasta

chop garlic and herbs and onion - saute 2 mins 90 speed 1

add sausage - saute 2 mins 90 reverse speed soft

add tomatoes and water - cook 8 mins 90 reverse speed soft

add pasta and veg - cook 10 min 90 reverse speed soft