Sunday 31st July - porridge, cheese and zucchini muffins, pork rib marinade

Breakfast - porridge (the recipe we use is posted about a week or so ago, otherwise there is one on the forum)

Made cheese and zucchini muffins (forum recipe) - hopefully will make dd3 happy as she was rather insistent that I had to make wontons for her preschool lunch tomorrow and I didn't. But these are still her favourites.

Dinner - pork ribs (sorry about the photo the top rib looks burnt, but they weren't).
Used this recipe by JD - but made the marinade in the tmx. (grating the garlic and ginger, then adding the rest of the ingredients and mixing)
Really yummy. Everyone loved these ribs.

What this blog is about and update over a year on.

Had a query from a reader and just wanted to clarify for those that haven't read from the beginning what this blog is about.

My intention when starting this blog was to provide a daily diary of how often I used the thermomix and for what. When I was researching the tmx I found lots of blogs with lovely recipes but still had no idea if the owner used it once a week, once a day, or one in a blue moon. Hence, thermomix meals was born.

I do write up recipes when I convert or make up something new. And when I cook a new recipe from the Thermomix Forum or a blog I provide a link to it. However, on subsequent cooks usually I don't as it's very time consuming to find the recipes. (I print off recipes I like and use those). Also I cook quite a few things just off the top of my head. Though I often try to at least leave notes on how it was cooked.

This reader wasn't sure how to find the recipes I was talking about so thought I'd post to clarify.

I will also try to make a note next to recipes where they are from (eg cookbook and name, blog, forum, my head, lol) as I do think I've got a bit slack at doing that in the last few weeks.

Oh and whilst I'm posting. Just have to say I've had my thermomix for over a year now and I'm still loving it. It's well paid for itself and is used early every day and quite often numerous times.

I use the tmx more than I use other cooking methods, eg. oven, stove, though I do like a variety.

Saturday 30th July - butter, tortilla's, stock, beef stroganoff

Made a couple of lots of spreadable butter (one for dh to take to work and one for home).

Made two batches of tortilla's. One plain, the other with garlic and rosemary for lunch.

Made chicken stock.

And then for dinner made beef stroganoff.

Wednesday 27th July - porridge, potatoes

Breakfast - porridge

Not actually using the tmx but I made up another batch of yesterday's (tmx) wonton mix - was going to freeze the other half but instead made them up to be used for school lunch boxes/snacks.
Dinner - roast beef. Due to afternoon activities I cooked it during the day and also steamed some cubed potatoes (in the tmx). These I sauteed to make little 'roast' potatoes and added veg and gravy I'd made earlier for a super quick roast dinner.

Tuesday 26th July - porridge,stock, rice, wonton soup

Breakfast - porridge

Made chicken stock for tonight.

Lunch - rice to go with leftover curry

Dinner - wonton mixture (chopped garlic and ginger, sauteed, chopped carrot, mushroom and celery, added pork mince, oyster sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil)
Then made chicken broth (garlic and ginger, chicken stock, thinly sliced carrot and celery.
Think this is our new favourite meal.

Monday 25th July - porridge

Pretty sure breakfast porridge was the only tmx meal today as I'm not well and bought a bbq chicken and rolls (and salad bits) for my lunch and dinner.
And loads of leftovers!

Sunday 24th July - pancakes, curry powder, rice, naan, juice

Breakfast - pancakes

Dinner made this Beef Curry recipe. So made the curry powder in the tmx and then slow cooked the curry on the stovetop.
Meanwhile made an orange, mandarin and pineapple juice, yum!
To go with the curry I made naan bread (using the cumin and onion naan recipe in the Indian book) and also rice in the tmx.
The naan came out brilliantly, everyone was so impressed, restaurant quality.
Really loved the curry recipe, a great blend of flavours, absolutely packed with spices but not too spicy. Being slowcooked over a couple of hours it was so so so tender.
I used yoghurt instead of the coconut cream. Will definitely make this whole meal again.
Forgot to take a photo though!

Saturday 23rd July - porridge, gravy

Breakfast - porridge.
All the girls are happy with this recipe:
130g oats, 250g milk, 200g water.
8min, 90°, reverse.

Dinner was roast lamb and made the gravy in the tmx.

Friday 22nd July - porridge, rice, nachos

Breakfast - porridge.

Lunch - rice (to go with lamb and mushroom curry I made on the hob).

Dinner - mince - for nachos.

Thursday 21st July - porridge, garlic, grated cheese

Breakfast - porridge.

Dinner we had potato and courgette bake. I minced the garlic and grated the cheese in the tmx.

Wednesday 20th July - porridge, mashed potato, sweet corn

Breakfast - porridge.

Dinner - made mashed potato and steamed veg in the TMX to go with sausages.

19 July - porridge, gravy

Been fairly quiet in tmx land here, yesterday was leftovers and stuff.

Made porridge in the tmx. We alternate a bit between the tmx and the microwave as dd3 prefers microwave, dd2 tmx. But think I've about got the tmx porridge so that dd3 likes it.

Dinner - had roast pork, roast potatoes, carrots and mushrooms. Made gravy in the tmx.

Sunday 17th July - cheese and zucchini muffins, chicken marinade

School goes back this week so made some cheese and zucchini muffins.
Also made a soy sauce, honey, garlic and ginger marinade for chicken that I stir-fried.

Saturday 16th July - butter

Very little cooking from me as it was my birthday.
Did make some spreadable butter, this time using rice bran oil.

Friday 15th July - jam, mince, stock, gravy, ice cream, veg

Made a few things today, not sure if I can remember them all.

Made strawberry jam.

Made savoury mince - this was used on wraps for lunch (burrito's sort of) and also leftovers for tomorrow. It's my birthday so not planning on doing any cooking.

Made chicken stock.

Made gravy for chicken and mushroom pot pie for dinner (whilst browning mushrooms in a frying pan, then added the sauce and chicken to the mushrooms ready to go in the pies).

Made mixture for strawberry icecream.

Steamed veg for dinner.

Wednesday 13th July - garlic and herb dip, smoothie

Breakfast - strawberry smoothie

Made garlic and herb dip to take to a friends. Out for the rest of the day.

Tuesday 12th July - mayonnaise, wonton soup

Made mayonnaise.
Dinner - wonton soup, wontons and dipping sauce.
Made wonton mixture - chopped garlic and ginger, minced chicken and some bacon fat, added sesame oil, oyster sauce, fish sauce (think that was it)
Soup - chopped ginger, garlic and deseeded chili, added duck stock, cooked 10 mins, added finely sliced carrot, celery, bok choy and cooked 10 mins. Meanwhile cooked the wontons in a saucepan.
And made a dipping sauce - soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, lemon juice (think there was something else?)
Put two of the wontons in a bowl and poured the soup over. The rest we ate with dipping sauce.
This was just the best dinner. These wontons were perfect and everyone loved them. (I think dd1 and dd2 having 11 each said something, lol.

Monday 11th July - strawberry sauce, pasta sauce

Strawberry sauce (served with yoghurt for dessert) yum!!!
Dinner - tomato pasta sauce.

Sunday 10th July - butter, duck and noodles in oyster sauce, duck stock, cookies, pizza dough, pizza sauces

Made spreadable butter. Using Quirky Jo's recipe. (ETA the link to her blog as couldn't get on last night spreadable butter )
I didn't make the butter as cream is so expensive here (anyone know of a reasonable cream supplier?) even though I loooooove homemade butter so much, but followed her same amount of oil and water recipe.
Used 100g of butter, 100g of grapeseed oil, 100g of water. Worked great. Checked it this evening and have lovely spreadable and great tasting butter in the fridge. Been so fed up with normal butter as even left at room temperature it's so cold at the moment it's completely solid. Summer is fine as I have a lovely butter crock that keeps it firm but winter is a pain.

Lunch was duck and noodle in oyster sauce.
chopped garlic and ginger, sauted, added veg (carrots, beans, hard ends of bok choy and mushrooms), oyster sauce, chicken stock, cooked 5 mins. Added cooked duck (leftovers from last nights roast duck) and the leafy bits of the bok choy, a little cornflour paste (after checking the consistency), noodles (singapore style, soaked for 2 mins in hot water) and cooked another 5 mins. Yum!!!!!

Then made some duck stock using the carcass.

$250 cookie recipe. Really yummy. Look and taste better than the photo, lol.

Dinner was pizza. Made the dough in the tmx.
Made sauces - a garlic, butter, rosemary and little olive oil sauce.
This is my kids favourite pizza, lol. How easy is that, though not very healthy!
And a tomato sauce - garlic, tin of tomatoes to puree, herbs (rosemary, oregano, thyme, parsley), little brown sugar.
A yummy food day.

Saturday 9th July - juice, stock, gravy

Made juice.

Dinner we had roast duck, I made some chicken stock and from some of that made the gravy.
Yum, we haven't had duck in such a long time, it's an absolute favourite of mine but always seems so expensive.

Thursday 7th July - beef madras

Dinner - beef madras (my conversion of the Curtis Stone recipe)
Once again an absolute favourite, all the kids had 2nds (or more).

Wednesday 6th July - porridge, honey mustard chicken

Breakfast - porridge

Dinner - honey mustard chicken -
Used wine instead of water and added mushrooms with 10 mins to go, oh and added some garlic with the onion (and served with cauliflower and rice).
Still love this. Really tasty.

Tuesday 5th July - pasta bake - cheese sauce

Dinner - using last nights mince I made a pasta bake.
Made a cheese sauce in the tmx, layered mince sauce and cheese sauce and added macaroni. Grated parmesan and cheddar on top and baked.
Last night and tonights meals were so easy and so cheap. A great combination to share a batch of savoury mince sauce.

Monday 4th July - savoury mince, pizza

Dinner - A bit of a deviation from the menu plan.
Had mince and was going to do lasagne, this became a pasta bake, that then became bolognaise pizza (so will have rethink the week, lol as pizza was also on the list for later in the week).
YUM!! Made pizza dough and then a slightly spicy mince and lots of vegies sauce in the TMX, popped the sauce onto the bases, with a few bits of leftover pepperoni and topped with mozzarella.
Loads of leftover sauce so will do a bake tomorrow night.
Really impressed by this as such a quick and easy pizza and could use leftover mince sauce and pita breads for a virtually instant dinner (we have to do some pretty quick meals during the week due to lots of afternoon activities)

Sunday 3rd July - pancakes, potatoes and veg

Breakfast - pancakes

Dinner - Had pan fried veal with lemon sauce (this is one of my all time favourites and haven't had it in years!!! Everyone loved it so will be a regular), cooked baby potatoes and steamed veg (carrots, cauliflower and broccoli) in the tmx.
Oh and can anyone come up with a method of working out what the 4 year olds favourite veg is - tonight it was broccoli but last week she didn't like it!!

Saturday 2nd July - cheesy bread rolls, Honey Beef and Beans

Bread rolls with cheese and pizza topper sprinkled on them. Yum
Dinner - Honey Beef and Beans
This is really yummy.
I cooked it for 40 mins, then added a can of rinsed chick peas and some sliced mushrooms and cooked for a further 10 mins.
A really lovely flavour, sweet and almost spicy, the kids all loved it and had seconds. I used chick peas as they are everyone's favourite beans and also added mushrooms, other veg could also be added. Served with rice.