Saturday 22nd January - curry

For dinner made a quick curry using some diced pork, leftover Butter Chicken sauce (from the freezer) and extra tikka paste (for a stronger curry flavour), very easy and yummy.

As you can tell we were out for most of the day and dinner had to be a super quick and easy one. I was shattered so being able to throw the three ingredients into the TMX, some rice into the rice cooker and come back 20 mins later to a really yummy (I so love the flavours of indian meals cooked with freshly ground whole spices) meal was just so great.

We will be off line for a few days but will be back on Thursday with all our Thermomix creations.

Hope everyone is enjoying my blog.


  1. Yes Zan, I am enjoying your blog! Thanks for the inspiration and showing us how versatile and practical our thermomixes can be! Happy holidaying :)

  2. Thanks Mei, glad you are enjoying it.