Friday 30th September - porridge, shortbread, garlic and herb dip

Wow can't believe it's the end of September already!!

Made porridge for breakfast.
dd1 made shortbread.
And made garlic and herb dip.

Thursday 29th September - boiled eggs

I thought with school holidays I'd be doing so much more cooking but still super busy.
Made boiled eggs to go with salads and cold meats for lunch and dinner.
I just love how easy boiled eggs are and no breakages! (edc recipe)

Tues/Wed 27/8th September - porridge, chicken in yoghurt

Being school holidays we've been flat out, sorry for not keeping up to date, not that we've made anything exciting.

Tuesday - porridge for breakfast, then that was it as was out all day and had leftovers for dinner.
Wednesday - porridge for breakfast. Dinner - chicken in yoghurt (indian book), though didn't have enough yoghurt, so used some milk. Still a family favourite. Added vegetables whilst cooking it as well.

Monday 26th September - naan, gravy

Lunch - made naan bread (Indian cookbook recipe) for lunch.

Dinner we had roast (loving the school holidays and no afternoon activities!!) and made the gravy in the tmx.

Sunday 25th September - smoothie

Just smoothie for breakfast today.
We were out for lunch and had bbq for dinner.

Saturday 24th September - chicken and mushroom in white sauce, pizza - dough, garlic and tomato sauces

Lunch - chicken and mushrooms in white sauce served with pasta.
Still loving how easy this, chop and saute garlic, make the white sauce (edc but less time) add sliced mushrooms and cooked chicken and cook another 6 mins, meanwhile cooking some pasta on the stove. My old favourite but so much quicker and easier and of course perfect sauce every time.

Dinner - pizza. So pizza dough, garlic butter/oil, tomato sauce all made in the tmx.

Friday 23rd September - porridge, slushie, stock. chicken and sweetcorn soup

Breakfast - porridge.

Another hot one and the pineapple slushie from yesterday was again requested, am thinking we'll need shares in a pineapple canning factory to get through the summer!!

Chicken stock, and chicken and sweetcorn soup for dinner.

Thursday 22nd September - porridge, boiled eggs, strawberry jam, pineapple slushie

Breakfast - porridge.

Made boiled eggs to go with salads and cold roast chicken for dinner. Still just love how easy it is to boil eggs in the tmx and how they never break.

And made strawberry jam. (I use jamsetta and cook for 10 mins at the end on varoma to thicken it up)

Afternoon tea was pineapple 'slushie', basically pineapple sorbet but used tinned pineapple and juice (not frozen) so it was more a slushie. Kids all loved it.

Tuesday/Wednesday 20th/21st September

eeek I can't remember.
There was rice, not sure if that was all?
(and the reason I know there was rice was I forgot to clean out the bowl!! And popped the oats into the leftover water this morning!! Lucky I noticed just as I started adding the milk or would have been rather runny yucky porridge)

Breakfast - porridge.
Dinner - wonton mixture (usual recipe on here a number of times) (served with wok stir fried veg and noodles)

Monday 19th September - porridge, cheese and zucchini muffins

Breakfast - porridge (recipe on here)

Also made cheese and zucchini muffins (forum recipe) for lunch boxes. The girls favourite.

Sunday 18th September - boiled eggs, butter, garlic and herb dip, choc icecream

Breakfast - boiled eggs (edc)

Made butter (as usual Quirky Jo's recipe)

Made a garlic and herb dip (similar to edc) to take to a party.

Made a chocolate ice cream mixture, to make up in the ice cream maker (300ml cream, 300ml milk, 1/3 cup of sugar, chopped chocolate, cooked 10mins 50 degrees speed 3)
Yum, I love chocolate icecream!!

Saturday 17th September - strawberry sorbet, teriyaki beef

Lovely weather here today, feels like summer!!
So after being in and out all day we had Strawberry Sorbet (edc recipe) for afternoon snack, YUM!
The kids all love sorbet and a great cooling afternoon snack and of course so easy in the thermomix.

Dinner - Teriyaki beef and noodles (meat on the menu recipe), added mushrooms and brocolli when cooking to make it a full meal.
Haven't had this in ages but was always a favourite and still is yum. dd3 asked if we could have it again tomorrow.

Friday 16th - porridge, stock, cauliflower soup

Breakfast - porridge,
Made chicken stock.
Then made cauliflower soup for dinner (garlic, chili, stock, potato, cauliflower and a dash of cream at the end).

Monday 12th September -porridge, chicken sauce, cake, rice

Breakfast - porridge

Made a slow cooked chicken dish but cooked up the sauce in the tmx.

Also made a cake (will admit to a Betty Crocker mix, they were on special, lol) for a morning tea tomorrow. Mixed up the cake mixture in the tmx.

Made rice to go with the chicken for dinner.

Friday 9th September - porridge, smoothie, stock, chicken and vegetable soup

Breakfast - porridge and smoothie.

Made chicken stock and then chicken and vegetable soup (garlic, stock, pepper, prepared soup mix, mixed vegetables and leftover chicken)

Thursday 8th September - porridge, pasta, butter, mayo, salad, dressing

Breakfast - porridge

Made: butter (Quirky Jo's recipe as usual)

pasta (heat water, add pasta, cook 14 mins - as per the pasta I was cooking recipe) for pasta salad.

mayo - usual recipe, so easy and successful as usual.

carrot, celery, capsicum - chopped for a salad and some in the pasta salad.

dressing for pasta salad (mayo, extra white wine vinegar, mustard, cream cheese)

So quite a lot of tmx uses today. Lunch and dinner were bought rolls and cold meats etc to go with the salads.

7 September - wontons

Made wonton mixture for dinner in the tmx. (recipe on the blog)

Tuesday 6th September - chicken kiev

Made chicken kiev's for dinner, so the bread crumbs, garlic butter and chicken mixture all made in the tmx. (forum recipe). Yum as always!

Monday 5th September - rice

Been away for a few days so not used the tmx.
When we got home tonight made rice (to go with a curry cooked on the stovetop).

Friday 2nd September - porridge, stock, cream of chicken soup

Sorry been really rubbish at posting this week.

Wed I'm not sure, at least porridge.
Thursday was just porridge.
Friday - porridge, chicken stock, cream of chicken soup (roux of 50g butter and 1/3 cup of flour cooked till blended, added stock, cream and cooked leftover chicken, pepper).