Saturday 29th January - ricebubble bars, dried fruit balls, scones, whipped cream, nut butter, mongolian beef

Quite a work out for the Thermomix today and didn't even use it for breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast) or lunch (salads and wraps).

Made snacks for the kids for school (yah school goes back on Monday!!!! I can't wait to get back into dyeing and everything else for my store. So excited about some me time, doing things I love and Lara being at preschool two days so I can!!!!! Also lots of house sorting - read toy throwing out - planned. There is a toy box that is so rarely opened that I'm sure most of what is in it can go and I can put all of Lara's play kitchen stuff in it, but I know if I open it with the kids around they will all claim that every toy is the best and has to be kept.)

The unhealthy ones -Marshmallow Rice bubble Bars

These are very sticky so unless they set even more I don't think I'll put them in their lunch boxes they can have them as an after school snack. But they certainly loved them!!

Tip - when I make the ltm's I put them in a shallow tray lined with baking paper, then put another piece of baking paper on top for squishing them down. This gives a good dense bar that holds together. Refridgerate for a few hours until set and then place on a chopping board (no need to remove the bottom piece of paper - it's easy to move on the paper, and cut to size.)

And the healthy ones - Dried Fruit Balls
Working to this 'recipe' I'd worked out in the Apricot Ball thread - using dried apricots, couple of dates and raisins, and oats, coconut, sesame seeds and milk powder for the dry ingredients.

After lunch made scones using Nay Nay's Family recipe
Really lovely light and yummy scones. Very impressed.
Also whipped the cream to go on them (and the jam was tmx jam as well)

Made nut butter from Quirky Jo's blog
Didn't really follow quantities (and made less than her recipe as wanted to see how it came out and if it will be eaten) just put in handfuls of each of the nuts (raw macadamias, raw almonds, roasted cashews) and a teaspoon of honey and blitzed, then added some rice bran oil until the right consistency.

So impressed by this!!!! Been meaning to make some for ages as dh loves peanut butter but never got round to it. Super quick and easy.

I can't eat peanut butter (allergies) but have actually been craving it lately and funnily was looking at a sate recipe the other day. This tasted just what I think peanut butter tastes like (dd1 thought it tasted more like cashews).

Dinner was Mongolian Beef.

So pretty much the Mongolian Lamb recipe in MOTM. But saute garlic and onions 5 mins. Add 1/2 a MC of water to the initial ingredients and cook for 15 mins. Added green capsicum and green beans (so a green rather than red mongolian, lol) and cooked a further 8 mins (100°, reverse, spd 1) This is still a favourite.

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