Wed 29th/Thursday 30th June - porridge, porridge, rice, chocolate and strawberry brownies

Wed 29th, porridge for breakfast

Thursday 30th (surprise surprise) porridge for breakfast :-)
Rice for lunch.
Chocolate and strawberry brownies. (forum recipe chocolate and blueberry brownies??? Will have to try to find the recipe as a quick search didn't find it and I worked from a print out).
Really yum, initially thought they weren't chocolaty enough but yep it is and very yummy. The kids all loved the gooey strawberry surprise bits.

ETA: And yesterday's brownie recipe for Belinda or anyone else, pretty sure I've tracked it down to this one

Tuesday 28th June - porridge

Breakfast - porridge.

Was so excited when making the girls spaghetti with tomato sauce as requested for dinner to open the freezer to find a previous tmx pasta tomato sauce all ready to be defrosted!! Should make bigger batches, lol.

Sunday 26th June- sushi rice, stock

Made sushi rice using Chookie's recipe from here
and chicken stock.

Saturday 25th June - teriyaki beef

Dinner - teriyaki beef. Served with rice noodles (cooked separately at the same time) and also added mushrooms and red capsicum whilst it was cooking.
I also fried up some spring onions to put over the top.

Friday 24th June - porridge, chicken, mushroom and spinach in white sauce

Breakfast - porridge (LOL no surprise there!!)

Lunch - chicken, mushroom and spinach in white sauce.

When I was younger this was always a favourite of mine but can never be bothered to make it.
Today I had leftover chicken from yesterday and wondered what to do with it.
Made some white sauce (300g milk, 30g flour, 30g butter - 5 mins, 90degrees speed 4 (I think)) then added cooked chicken (a couple of cups, maybe less??), sliced mushrooms (2 as that was all we had, lol) and spinach (couple of cups) and pepper (next time I'll add garlic at the beginning too) and cooked another 5 mins, 90 °, reverse sp 1.5
This made enough for 3-4 servings depending how much sauce you want.
Served with pasta.
Was a hit with dd3 and myself.
And so so so easy to do with the thermomix.

Thursday 23rd June - porridge, pearl couscous salad

Breakfast - porridge.

Lunch/dinner - made a 'couscous' salad.
Using Pearl couscous? I think it's called that. It's a large (well for couscous, tiny for anything else, lol) round couscous like pasta. (Found it at the Woolworths a few weeks ago) So chopped garlic and onion and sauted. Added 125g of the cous cous, 1 cup of water, 2 tsp of vegie stock concentrate, tsp of ground cumin and cooked for 10 mins (reverse, speed 1)
This tasted great but I think was a little overdone and next time I might steam it or cook on the stove as it only just held the pearls. I would also be interested in the frying it first technique mentioned on the packet.
Left to cool and mixed in chopped parsley and a little chopped coriander and a dressing made of limes, red wine vinegar and olive oil.
Really yum and will perfect this one.

Wednesday 22nd June - porridge, tortillas, orange choc chip muffins

I'm really going to try to find the time to get back into this blog and write more about what I've cooked and include photos. Our meals haven't been very exciting recently, we have so much on that everything has to be quick to make and I've fallen back on a lot of tried and tested favourites.
But took a couple of photos today to liven things up.

Breakfast was the usual porridge.

Lunch made tortilla's (Trudie's recipe from the forum). These really are so much nicer than bought and I must make them more often.
I also made some orange and choc chip muffins (recipe also from the forum). I love these but dd3 always wants me to make the cheese and zuchinni ones but I held my own today, lol. I love how you just throw the whole orange in and it tastes great.

Monday 20th/Tuesday 21st June - porridge, cheese, bread crumbs

Breakfast - porridge. (obviously a real winter staple for the kids, but it's cheap, filling and so easy to make in the tmx).

Was out for lunch (meeting some other lovely TMX owners from the Thermomix Forum!!)
and dinner was chicken kebabs and wedges in the oven.


Breakfast - porridge

Dinner - During the day made crumbed chicken breast pieces and chicken drumettes.
Grated parmesan and made the bread crumb mixture in the TMX.

Sunday 19th June - porridge

Breakfast - porridge.

Just so busy at the moment that we are having a lot of salad type meals and dinner tonight was meatballs (previously made in the TMX) in the slow cooker.

Friday 17th June - porridge, stock, chicken and veg soup, chocolate custard

Breakfast - porridge
Then made chicken stock.

Dinner - using the chicken stock our Friday night soup - tonight was chicken and veg soup (similar to the last one I made) a favourite of mine!

Dessert - chocolate custard (with real chocolate as well as cocoa powder), yum. Not made custard in ages and this is real winter favourite!!! So easy with the tmx to set it going whilst eating dinner and yummy hot custard ready for dessert.

Monday 13th June - minestrone soup, chili sauce

Lunch - minestrone soup (forum recipe) dh still says this is the best minestrone he's ever had.

dh also made his chili sauce (tabasco like)

Sunday 12th June - stock

Made chicken stock.
(Breakfast was bacon and eggs, lunch out, and ate so much that we just had snacks/leftovers for dinner).

Thursday 9th June - smoothie, porridge

Breakfast - smoothie for me and porridge for the kids.
(lunch out, dinner the usual Thursday night, salad, rolls, chicken etc)

Wednesday 8th June - porridge, fried bee hoon

Breakfast - porridge (still!)

Dinner - fried bee hoon from the Asia cook book.
Basically a chicken, noodle and mushroom stir fry. Really lovely flavours. I didn't have the wood ear (forgot to get it and couldn't be bothered going back to the shops) but had loads of dried shitake so just did more of that. (mine are already chopped so just did a bowl full, no idea if it was 4+ but looked like it).
But I could barely fit it all in, when I tried putting the noodles and cabbage in they sort of sat on top and I had to keep squishing them down to get the lid on (took a while), I dont' think there was too much volume wise just it wouldn't pack down? Then got the lid on and turned around a minute later and the noodles were spinning around the butterfly and then poking out the top (it was quite hilarious actually), I tried to shove them in to no avail so just left it. Thought they wouldn't cook properly but all was perfect (mine were fine ones and did the 6 mins).

Loads of leftovers (maybe I just had too much of everything?!! Will admit to not weighing and sure there was a bit more chicken, but did 1/2 a 400g packet of noodles so assume that was the required 200g) and everyone loved it so will do again.
Forgot the photo!!! We were hungry.

Tuesday 7th June - porridge, bread, cheese sauce

Breakfast - porridge. With winter really setting in all the kids look forward to their porridge in the morning.

Made a loaf of bread.

Dinner - the tmx made cheese sauce for cauliflower cheese. (would it be wrong to send in a tub of cheese sauce for dd2 for lunch tomorrow, that's what she's asked for as she just loves this so much)

Monday 6th June - porridge, rice

Breakfast - porridge

Dinner - rice (to go with freezer leftover curried mince)

Sunday 5th June - cheese and zuchinni muffins, tomato pasta sauce

Made cheese and zuchinni muffins for school lunches (forum recipe)
And a tomato pasta sauce (out of my head recipe, lol) for the kids for dinner.

Sat 4th June - smoothie, vanilla pudding, curry

Breakfast - smoothie

Made vanilla pudding (our usual recipe from the forum vanilla slice recipe)

Dinner - did a one pot chicken curry and rice.

Wed/Thur/Fri 1-3rd June - porridge (x3), stock, broccoli soup, spinach and feta dip, garlic and herb dip

Been really flat out the last few days.
Wednesday and Thursday the tmx was just used for porridge for breakfast.

Friday - Also porridge for breakfast.
Made chicken stock and then broccoli and potato soup for dinner.
Also made Spinach and Feta dip (recipe on the forum, this is a real favourite and haven't had it in ages) and also the usual favourite Garlic and Herb dip.