Saturday 15th January - tomato sauce/ketchup, vanilla slice, chicken in yoghurt

We have had a bumper crop of tomatoes so far this year. Have frozen some in 400g lots for use in cooking but decided today to make tomato sauce/ketchup - very exciting!!!
Super easy to do in the Thermomix and really tasty. Very impressed.
Kids all had a taste and loved it. Will have to have some sausages or something now so we can use it, lol.

Then made this vanilla slice substituting corn flour for the custard powder, and adding a little more vanilla. I did a half amount of the vanilla filling and it's really lovely. Girls had to have some for dessert even though it wasn't quite set yet.

Dinner was chicken in yoghurt. I added some mushrooms for the last 10 mins of cooking (just to make my rather grumpy 3 year old happy) and served with carrots and rice.
Once again a hit.

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