Saturday 30th April - pancakes, chicken stirfry

Breakfast - pancakes

Dinner - chicken stir fry. Using my recipe (sure it's somewhere on here) chicken and veg with noodles. A real favourite and so quick and easy.
Basically, chop garlic and ginger, add water.
pop chicken and cashews into the varoma with some sesame oil, start cooking for 20 mins.
chop veg and add to varoma and cook for last 10 mins (except the leafy bok choy/choy sum etc - just add these for the last couple of minutes) .
Meanwhile pop the noodles in the thermoserver and add boiling water to cook.
strain noodles, add chicken and veg.
With just a small amount of water (and garlic and ginger and flavour from steaming) in the bowl add soy sauce, sherry and 2 tbsp of cornflour and cook for 4 mins.

Under 30 mins with no pre prep and so tasty.

Friday 29th April - rice, pasta, meatball sauce

Lunch - made rice to go with the leftover stroganoff.
Dinner - Fettuccine with Meatballs.
The meatballs were made up yesterday (see recipe yesterday).
Made up the sauce :
Chopped onion and garlic, added tin of tomatoes, paprika, dash cayenne, mixed herbs.
Placed meatballs, carrots, courgette and the sauce in a baking dish and baked for 1/2 an hour.
Cooked the pasta in the tmx.

Thursday 28th April - porridge, curry mince, savoury mince, meatballs, pastry rolls

Breakfast - porridge

Bought a load of mince so made
Lunch - curried mince (with extras for the freezer).

1 tsp coriander seeds, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 2 cloves of garlic, chop
Add one onion and chop
Add oil, saute 3 mins
Add 800g mince, 1 tbsp curry powder, 2 tbsp curry paste, 1 tin of tomatoes
Cook 20 mins, 100 degrees, reverse, sp 1.

(really impressed by this and will make a good few meals worth for us, the kids aren't big meat eaters, so happy to have rice and veg with a few tablespoons of the sauce).

Dinner - Savoury mince (bolognaise type)
2 cloves garlic, 1 chili deseeded and chop
Add one onion and one green capsicum and chop
Add oil and saute
Add 600g mince, tin tomatoes, paprika and mixed herbs.
Cook 20 mins, 100 °, reverse, speed 1.

So tonight had the mince with corn chips and salad (nachos). Also used some on puff pastry with cheese and capsicum to make savoury rolls for the girls for lunch tomorrow at school.
The rest went into the freezer.

And with the rest of the mince made meatballs.

chopped garlic and onion and bread.
Added mince, worcester sauce and tomato sauce and mixed.
Made into balls.
We will have one lot of these tomorrow night, the second lot went into the freezer.

So loads of easy meals in the freezer ready for busy nights.
Amazing how far you can make $14 worth of mince go!!!!

Monday 25th April - fried rice

Wed 20th April - porridge for breakfast, then we went away for a few days sans Thermomix.

Monday 25th April - home for dinner. Didn't have time to go to the shops so made fried rice.
Rice cooked with garlic and ginger. Mixed veg - carrot, courgette, brocolli, peas; left over ham, prawns (frozen and defrosted), scrambled egg. All cooked in the varoma.

Tuesday 19th April - porridge

Breakfast - porridge.
Then leftovers/sandwiches.
I'll be offline for a few days but will update when I am back on.
Happy Thermomixing!

Monday 18th - porridge, maple chicken, rice and veg

I don't think the tmx was used on Sunday - we had eggs for breakfast and leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Monday 18th
Breakfast - porridge
Dinner - maple chicken and veg in the varoma with rice in the bowl. Yum

Friday 15th April- fried rice, chicken kiev

Lunch - thermomix fried rice (off the top of my head but see Quirky Jo's recipe on how to do it). I love how quick easy and tasty this is.

Dinner - chicken kiev (forum recipe). So the bread crumbs, garlic butter, grated parmesan and chicken mixture all made in the tmx) Yum, yum, yum. Everyone's fav. (haven't had oven chips in ever so long either, yum)

Thursday 14th April - smoothie, porridge, burritos, tacos

Breakfast - smoothie and porridge

Lunch/dinner - made a big batch of mexican beef (chopped garlic, onion, capsicum, chili and sauted, added mince, paprika, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, mixed herbs, brown sugar, a tin of tomatoes and cooked for 15 mins.

Lunch served with tortillas and salad. Dinner served with taco shells and salads.

Monday 11th/Tuesday 12th April - soup, dip

Monday 11th - Dinner - chicken, udon noodle and veg soup, the girls favourite as usual. With extra garlic and ginger to combat the cold season.

Tuesday 12th - garlic and herb dip to take to a friends for her birthday. (think that was all as had eggs for breakfast and salad and rolls for lunch, out till late).

Sunday 10th April - porridge, garlic and herb dip, stock, salt and pepper chicken

Breakfast - porridge.
Then made garlic and herb dip to take to a friends.
Then some chicken stock (was meant to be for soup for lunch but too much morning tea eaten to justify making it).
Dinner - Salt and Pepper chicken, made the flour mix in the tmx.

Saturday 9th April - scones, bread, yorkshire pudding and gravy

Made scones (nay-nay's recipe, though used some buttermilk from making butter yesterday 1/2 and half with milk) Yum, so light and fluffy.

Made a loaf of bread.
So nice to have homemade bread again. The only problem is the kids can't slice it to get themselves breakfast.

Dinner - had roast lamb, roast potatoes, roast mushrooms, yorkshire puddings (batter in tmx), carrots and broccoli, gravy (made in the tmx).

Friday 8th April - smoothie, vanilla pudding, butter,chili con carne

Breakfast - smoothie

Made vanilla pudding (still the biggest yum here, thinking of doing a choc version?)

and butter - so thinking I might need to use the buttermilk tomorrow - maybe scone?

Dinner - chili con carne

Thursday 7th April - smoothie

Breakfast - strawberry smoothie.

Wednesday 6th April - smoothie, boiled eggs

Breakfast - smoothie

Made boiled eggs for tomorrow's lunches.

Lunch was wraps and dinner was roasted chicken drumsticks with roasted veg so a slow day for the TMX. Looking forward to school holidays starting next week and getting a lot more cooking done, we have just been too busy.

Tuesday 5th April - stir fry chicken and noodles

Dinner - Stir fry chicken and noodles
Chopped garlic and ginger. Added oil. Sauteed 3.5 mins. Added cubed chicken sauteed 3 mins. Added soy sauce, sherry, white wine and water. Cooked 10 mins. Added carrot, cooked 4 mins? Added mushroom and capsicum, cooked 4 mins. Meanwhile poured boiling water on the noodles in the thermoserver. Then added the noodles to the rest and cooked another 2 mins. (cooking 100° and after chicken added reverse speed 1).

Really yummy and super easy. With these timings everything was cooked perfectly.

Monday 4th April - porridge, chicken in yoghurt

Breakfast - porridge.

Dinner - chicken in yoghurt.

Hopefully with the school holidays next week I'll get some photos going for the blog again and try lots of new recipes.

Saturday 2nd April - pancakes, tortillas

Breakfast - pancakes

Lunch - Trudy's tortilla's - haven't had these in awhile as have been lazy on the cooking front, yum so so much better than store bought!!!

Dinner we had bbq lamb chops, finally found a meat that dd1 really loves - pity it's so expensive, lol.

Friday 1st April - potatoes, prawns and veg

Thursday 31st March - poor tmx didn't get a use (our cold cuts night for dinner and out the rest of the time).

Friday 1st April -
Breakfast - smoothie
Dinner - new potatoes, prawns and vegies.