Tuesday 31st August

Poor lonely Thermomix. Leftovers day so she sat there forlorn.
But tomorrow is another day for cooking!

Sunday 29th August - porridge, pasta, bread

We were out all day but the Thermomix made porridge for breakfast and pasta for the girls for dinner (just garlic, herbs, tinned tomatoes, worcester sauce - added water and pasta and cooked). (Oh and of course topped with parmesan grated in the TMX).
Dh has also made some cheese and onion bread.

Thursday 26th August - grated cheese, herb and garlic dip, hummus, mince, bolognaise for nachos

This morning I grated cheese to go on the girls puff pastry things for lunch.

Then made herb and garlic dip and hummus to renew the dips in the fridge (we use hummus on wraps and the girls take dips to school regularly for morning tea with crudites) and some to take to mother's group.

Dinner we had nachos, minced the pork and then made a bolognaise sauce in the Thermomix.

Wednesday 25th August - porridge, choc balls, pastry filling, jam, Baf's chicken, Strawberry Dream

Lots of work for the Thermomix today.

Breakfast was porridge

In the morning I made choc balls again as the girls really liked them- double the recipe from before but it was a bit runny (think I added too much water) so add 100g of shredded coconut (so I can't have them but that's probably good, lol).

Then I minced up garlic, spring onion, chicken, zucchini, mixed herbs and paprika to make 'sausage rolls' for lunch.

Then I made strawberry jam - as per edc added 25 g jamsetta and then also cooked it for 10 mins on varoma at the end.

Brilliant - perfect consistency and really yummy.

Dinner was baf's chicken http://www.forumthermomix.com/index.php?topic=1063.0 - dd2 and I really liked this but the other two weren't keen on the cheesy sauce - no idea why?!! It was yum!!

Desert I made strawberry dream (1/2 portion of the Fruity dream recipe in the EDC) with frozen strawberries, sugar and egg white. Yum, girls asked for more! The pic of my portion is a bit defrosted by the time I got round to it.

So simple and yummy will definitely do that again with different fruits.

Tuesday 24th August - smoothie

Just the one use today as not been around - banana smoothie for breakfast.

Monday 23 August - banana smoothie, curry chicken, honey soy wingettes, steamed veg

Breakfast - banana smoothie

Lunch, cooked up some chicken in a balti curry paste to add to wraps

Dinner, honey soy chicken wingettes from the forum, with steamed veg in the varoma and rice (rice cooker).

Sunday 22nd August - marinade, gravy

Sunday 22nd August
Made a marinade (2 cloves garlic, rosemary (both chopped), mustard, worcester sauce, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce (1/4 cup each of the liquids) blended, then two bay leaves added. This was used to marinade rump steak cubes that were made into kebabs.

Later used the marinade to make up a gravy. (added flour, a little wine and a little water, blended 10 sec speed 6, cooked 8 minutes, 90 degrees on speed 4.)

This was such a nice marinade.

Saturday 21st August - boiled eggs, pureed strawberry, rolls, dip, stroganoff, cheese sauce

Lots of uses today.

Breakfast: boiled eggs

and then pureed strawberry for adding to yoghurt

Had guests for dinner so during the afternoon I made

isi's bread rolls and herb and garlic dip

And for dinner had Beef Stroganoff

I also made cheese sauce (for the girls cauliflower cheese for dinner)

Friday 20th August - smoothie, chocolate cake

Breakfast - banana smoothie

Was out all day (from early for preschool activities, went on a school excursion then onto a kids birthday party) but still found the energy to whip up the super easy Simple Chocolate Cake from the EDC to take to school in the morning for the election day cake stall.

Thursday 19th August - Quick chicken curry, cheese, potato bake sauce

Lunch I made a super quick chicken curry.
1 clove of garlic and some coriander - shopped 5 sec speed 7
add 2 tsp curry powder and 20g oil - saute 2mins, 100 degrees, speed 1
added 200g of chicken, 3 big spoonfuls of yoghurt and half a red capsicum.
Cooked 15 mins, 100 degrees, reverse, speed soft.
Needed a bit of thickening so added a tablespoon of corn flour and cooked a further 2 mins.

Very quick and easy and tasty.

Dinner I did a spinach, zucchini and onion potato bake.
Grated the cheese in the Thermomix and made the sauce (chopped and cooked garlic, peppercorns and parsley, added cream and milk and mixed).

Wednesday 18th August - smoothie, choc balls, tuna pasta

Breakfast - banana smoothie

Snack - chocolate balls

Adapted from this recipe http://www.forumthermomix.com/index.php?topic=3619.0.

I wanted to try these so didn't use coconut and change a few things around (had nearly run out of sultanas).

100g dates

60 sultanas

40g almond meal

40g milk powder

1/2 tbsp cocoa

1 tbsp boiling water

1 tsp psyhillium husk.

As per the recipe. Only did a small batch as wasn't sure about them but they turned out great! Made 10 nice sized balls.

A healthy chocolate treat. When I asked the girls what they were they immediately said chocolate balls.

Dinner - tuna pasta

Sort of like the EDC recipe (though I didn't notice it to later, lol).

Grinded a clove of garlic (8sec speed 7), then sauted in oil for 2 minutes (100 degrees speed 1) added 1/2 a zucchini, basil, parsley and a whole tomato and whizzed speed 6 for 8 seconds, added 1/2 a tin of tomatoes (was a bit less hence the extra tomato), bit of white wine and bit of water (so all up around 400 ml level in the bowl I think). Cooked for 10 mins 100 degrees speed 1. Added tin of tuna (the 185g tuna slices one) and pasta (this was just for the three girls so 8 good handfuls, lol, how I've always measured it so not sure how much that is) and cooked for 10 mins at 100 degrees, reverse speed soft.

Served with parmesan cheese.

For a larger family serving you'd need more liquid.

Monday 16th August - honey soy chicken and tomato and lentil dahl

Lunch - Honey soy stir fry chicken wingettes


I quickly made up the marinade from this recipe for some chicken wingettes to go with salad for lunch - didn't have long to leave it to marinade so cooked it in the marinade, then poured the sauce over and let sit for a few minutes to cool a bit.

These were so so yummy. Will definitely being doing them properly for dinner one night.


I made the tomato and lentil dahl from the edc as a side dish.

I made a half quantity and a couple of substitutions.

Didn't have mild chilli powder so did paprika with a pinch of hot chilli powder

I don't eat coconut so substituted the coconut milk for half milk/half plain yoghurt.

And didn't have any limes so used lemon juice.

Was delicious!

Sunday 15th August - smoothie, crepes, lemonade, hommus, bread, pasta

Poor Thermomix didn't get used yesterday!! First time. We were out all day and had bbq dinner.

But made up for it today.


Made banana smoothie and then crepes (edc)

Afternoon made lemon/mandarinade (3 small lemons, one mandarin, tray of ice cubes, 100g sugar (blitz first), 1L of sparkling water.

hommus (EDC)

Isi's bread http://www.forumthermomix.com/index.php?topic=2729.0

This is such lovely bread! Agree with the other reviews. Just perfect!

And the family favourite - creamy tomato and salami pasta from the EDC for dinner.

(so dd2 can take some leftovers to school for lunch tomorrow).

Friday 13th August - smoothie, LTM's, soup, rolls, garlic butter

Started the day with a banana smoothie from the Thermomix.

It had a busy afternoon.

First I made LTM's (kids rice bubble snacks) http://www.forumthermomix.com/index.php?topic=528.0 for the kids for an afternoon snack/next weeks lunch boxes.

These were an absolute hit.

Dinner was very much a Thermomix affair - chicken and vegetable soup and rolls.

Made bread rolls (edc basic recipe).

And soup with the chicken stock I made yesterday from the chicken from lunch.

First chopped garlic and peppercorns and ginger; then added the stock and finely sliced carrot, celery, zuchinni, red capsicum, cooked chicken and cooked for 15 mins 100ยบ soft reverse.

Then made garlic butter - garlic, basil, parsley, oregano - chopped, added butter and mixed.

Thurs 12th August - chicken stock, choc chips

Made stock from the chicken bones from lunch.

Then ground up some choc chips to go into the ice cream I made for desert (I prefer the ice cream from the ice cream maker).

Tuesday 10th August - dip, grated cheese

Made garlic and herb dip to take to morning tea at a friends.

Dinner - grated cheese for homemade pizza (home late from afternoon activities so used tortilla's instead of making pizza dough).

Monday 9th August - hommus, rolls, chicken noodle soup

Last night dh made hommus.

For dinner tonight I made fresh bread rolls and chicken noodle soup.

The soup I made the stock from the chicken bones from lunch at a friends (with carrot, celery, onion, peppercorns, garlic - all in the basket) cooked for 40 mins.
Then removed the basket and reserved the stock.
Ground garlic, chilli and ginger, then added oil and onion and sauted for 3 mins.
Added the stock, garlic, thinly sliced carrot and celery and spinach and cooked for 10 mins (100 degrees reverse, speed 1). Then added broken up rice noodles and cooked for another 10 minutes.
Yum! And very filling.

Sunday 8th August - grated cheese, gravy

Lunch - grated cheese.

Dinner - Sunday roast - made the gravy in the Thermomix again. Once again a real time and sanity saver and such lovely tasting and textured gravy.

Saturday 7th August - juice, pasta sauce, goulash

Breakfast - orange and kiwi juice

Dinner - made tomato pasta sauce for the girls. dh later made the goulash.

Friday 6th August - icing sugar, custard

Made icing sugar this morning to sprinkle on the cake to take to school.

Dessert was chocolate custard.
Tried it with no cornflour but it was very thin, so then added 10g and cooked a few more minutes but still a bit thick. Will try 5g next time.

Thursday 5th August - dip, pork in yoghurt, cake

Made EDC Garlic and herb dip to take to a friend's. This is such a favourite dip.

Dinner was based on this recipe http://www.forumthermomix.com/index.php?topic=26.0 - did pork and carrots in yoghurt, served with rice. I loved it. dd1 liked it, dd2 didn't like it, dd3 loved it.

Then made the Too Easy chocolate cake to take for a morning tea at school tomorrow.

Wed 4th August - porridge, sausages, mash and gravy, strawberry sorbet

Wednesday 4th August

Breakfast - porridge

Dinner - Sausages, mash and onion gravy (http://www.forumthermomix.com/index.php?topic=3821.0)
with veg.
The gravy was once again so nice.

Dessert - strawberry sorbet (yum yum yum)

Tuesday 3rd August - risotto, bread

Made the mushroom risotto from the EDC tonight but with added spinach and pepper. Still a bit bland and not a hit.

dh made bread

Monday 2nd August - juice, bread, pasta

apple and kiwi juice

bread - with wheat and black chia

Dinner - by popular request the creamy salami pasta from the EDC. This is an absolute favourite of the girls and can see it being a regular on the menu (as it already is, lol).

Sunday 1st August - cheese, gravy, bread

Lunch time grated up both cheddar and parmesan cheese

Dinner was roast and made the gravy in the Thermomix.
What a help this is, it's really an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. Usually I hate getting the gravy done, whilst carving the meat, cooking the vegies and getting the potatoes out of the oven, oh and trying to get someone to set the table all at the same time.
Put the roast pan juices, cornflour, worcester sauce, balsamic vinegar and bisto gravy granules in the Thermomix, blended for 10 seconds on speed 4, then set to cook at 90 degrees for 8 minutes at speed 4.
Lovely smooth gravy, no need to sieve. Brilliant.

Dh also made some bread rolls in the evening with wheat, mixed seeds and cheese.