Moroccan Lamb

Tried the Sweet and Spicy Moroccan Lamb from the robogourmet app a couple of nights ago.
Was a family favourite with 4-5 stars from each of the kids.
We did agree that it could do with a bit more spicy to make it perfect.
Great yummy recipe we will be having again!!!
Would also work well with beef.

And yesterday made stock using chicken wings as I didn't have leftover chicken bones, and no carcasses at the chicken shop, worked great, still great tasting stock and quite a bit of meat to add to the soup (which was chicken and sweetcorn, mmmm a favourite!!)


Well had visitors here so a bit more bbq cooking and going out but some tmx showing off too with a great curry night (naan from the Indian book, dahl from the edc, chicken madras - my conversion linked here a few times I'm sure), usual soup and wontons etc.

Made some really great Carrot and muesli muffins and I promise I'll find the recipe and add it. (was in a local newspaper).

This morning I've been doing some cooking and made these oatbars, currently have lamb roasting in the oven and brocolli and celery soup going in the tmx. Should have plenty of food for the next couple of busy evenings.