Thurs-Sunday 30th Oct - porridge, boiled eggs, wontons, rice and veg.

Not blogged for a few days and can't really remember. We've not been home much so not sure.

I know today has just been boiled eggs for lunches tomorrow.
Had hoped to replenish lunch box snacks but have only been home for a short time all weekend.

Yesterday, Saturday was just porridge for breakfast as we weren't home after that.

Thursday and Friday - not sure. Def porridge at least one if not both of the days. Friday pretty sure that was it as pan fried prawns and scallops for dinner.
Thursday night had wontons for dinner - made the wonton mixture in the tmx and also rice and steamed veg.

Wed 26th October - chicken and sweetcorn soup

Dinner - chicken and sweetcorn soup.
Using yesterday's stock. chop garlic and herbs, sautee, add stock, little chili flakes, can of creamed corn, chicken.
LOL, so did well out of Sunday's roast and the chicken was on special. Got Sunday roast, Monday night chicken curry, Wed night soup as well as some lunches (some was used on puff pastry rolls for the kids lunches and also sandwiches).

Tues 25th October - avocado drink, chicken stock, pizza dough and sauce

Breakfast made the avocado drink, Alpukat Beating, from the night before's Junior MasterChef -

I did
1 cup of milk,
1 small avocado,
1 tablespoon caster sugar (could mill this first if you don't have any on hand)
1 tablespoon of cream
per person, mixed for 30seconds on speed 5
Topped with some ground cinnamon.
Really yum and very filling!
Next time I'd do less sugar though.

Made some chicken stock from Sunday nights roast. (usual recipe)

Dinner was pizza, so the dough (edc) and tomato sauce (chopped onion and garlic, sauteed, added tin tomatoes, tomato puree and mixed herbs and cooked) were made in the tmx.

24th October

Breakfast - porridge

Dinner - quick chicken and veg curry and rice.
Cooked the rice whilst preparing the rest. (though should have done it in the rice cooker to save 8 or so minutes but I love tmx rice and less washing up, lol)
then chopped onion and garlic and sauteed 2 teaspoons of curry powder,
Added mushrooms and green beans, tin of tomatoes and a little water, cooked 6-7 minutes (reverse sp 1 100 degrees)
Then added cooked leftover chicken in as big a lumps as I could as knew it would shred.
Heated 2 mins reverse sp spoon and 100 degrees.

Was really yum and a great use of left overs.

21st/22nd October - porridge, stock, minestrone soup, boiled eggs, strawberry jam, lemon chicken and noodles.

Friday 21st -
Breakfast - porridge
Then made chicken stock.
Dinner made Minestrone soup (forum recipe, linked previously on here) at dd1's request. It's also dh's favourite.

Saturday 22nd
Breakfast - boiled eggs
Made strawberry jam. (pretty much edc recipe with 5 mins on varoma at the end and a little jamsetta)
Dinner made a lemon chicken and noodle dish. Usually I prefer to stir fry on the stovetop but was flat out so chopped garlic and onion and sauteed, added chicken and sauteed, added juice of 2 lemons, white wine, water, chinese five spice, mushrooms, broccoli, celery, cooked 7 mins, added noodles (shelf fresh singapore style) and cooked 3 mins. (all the cooking on reverse 100)

I love how the tmx frees you up to do other things during the cooking.

Wednesday 19th October - porridge and rice and veg

Just the usual porridge for breakfast and then rice and veg for dinner (added to stirfried mushrooms and spicy sausage.)

Mon/Tues 17/18th October - porridge, rice

Monday - breakfast porridge and made rice to go with lunch.

Tuesday - just porridge for breakfast.

Sunday 16th October - birthday cake and icing, vegie sausage rolls

Made my vegie sausage roll filling (recipe on here) as it was dd2's birthday party at gym today.

And here is the birthday cake - the two cakes from yesterday.

Made butter icing in the tmx and here is the finished red and white cake.

Saturday 15th October - porridge, spreadable butter, red and white 8 cake, mince for nachos

Breakfast - porridge.

Then made some spreadable butter (as per Quirky Jo's recipe - I used 150g butter, 150g ricebran oil, 150g water).

Made this Highlight cake from the forum.
Did half plain and half red, put in the white then the red and cooked in round donut tins, these will be put together to make an 8 for dd2's 8th birthday party tomorrow.

Dinner - cooked up mince for nachos in the tmx. (no recipe, lol)

Thurs/Fri 14th October - porridge, stock, broccoli soup, naan bread

Thursday - just porridge for breakfast. Was dd2's birthday so did her chosen dinner of prawns, cous cous and stir fry veg which I did on the stove top.

Friday - porridge.
Chicken stock.
Dinner - broccoli soup (garlic chopped, chili flakes, garam masala, sauteed, added 3 potatoes, head of broccoli and stock, pepper, cooked 25 mins and then blended).
And naan bread (dough of course made in the tmx).

Wednesday 12th October - porridge, rice

Breakfast - porridge.
Dinner - rice (to go with leftovers including leftover mince from the dumplings that I stir fried with courgette, spinach and broccoli and an egg (as I'd brought the eggs in from the chickens and when cleaning them one slightly broke so had to use it but went great, lol!! Sort of fried rice in the end)

Tuesday 11th October - porridge, wonton mixture, stir fry veg

Breakfast - porridge,

dinner - made dumplings (wonton mix but in gow gee wrappers), made the mixture in the tmx, (recipe on here numerous times, though I'm never exact with ingredients) then boiled them on the stove top whilst cooking stir fry veg in the tmx.

Sunday/Monday 9/10th October - boiled eggs, gravy, cheese and zucchini muffins,, porridge

Sunday - breakfast - boiled eggs.
Made cheese and zucchini muffins for lunch boxes (forum recipe)
Dinner was roast lamb - made the gravy in the tmx.

Monday - back to school after the holidays!
Breakfast - porridge

Fri /Sat 7/8th October - porridge, pasta sauce, pancakes, enchilada's, yellow rice

Friday - breakfast - porridge
Dinner for the kids - made a tomato, mushroom and spinach pasta sauce in the Thermomix.

Saturday - breakfast - pancakes
Dinner - made JulieO's Enchilada's
Wow this is so tasty!!!! Will def do again.
Whilst the enchilada's were baking I also made Turmeric rice in the thermomix.

Wed/Thur 6/7 October - porridge, pizza, rice

Wed - porridge for breakfast.
dinner - Pizza, so made garlic and herb topping (garlic, parsley, butter, olive oil) and Tomato topping (chopped garlic and herbs and small onion, sauteed 5 mins, added 2 tomatoes, tomato paste and cooked 6 mins).
Also made the pizza dough.

Thursday - Just rice. Out all day.

Tuesday 4th October - porridge, garlic and ginger, pizza

To add to yesterday's list dh made pizza dough to make calzone for work.

Today, porridge for breakfast
And we had salad and asian chicken for dinner - grated the garlic and ginger for the chicken which I pan fried.

Monday 3rd October - caesar dressing, butter

Lunch made a 'caesar' dressing for salad. Used already made mayo that I had, blitzed anchovies and garlic, added mayo, mustard, lemon juice.

Also made some butter.

Other meals were made by dh on his new bbq again.

Sunday 2nd October - cream of vegetable soup, spanakopita, Nigella's flourless choc brownies.

Lunch - cream of vegetable soup - chopped garlic, added chicken stock (made yesterday), 2 potatoes, cauliflower and mushrooms, cooked 20 mins, whizzed up and added some cream.

Dinner - Chicken in Lemon sauce, Spanakopita and Brocolli.
Made the Spanakopita mix in the tmx based on a Gordon Ramsay recipe in his World Kitchens cookbook.
I used diff quantites depending on what I had but
- chopped an onion, added olive oil and sauteed 5 mins
- Meanwhile wilted the spinach leaves (200g, could easily use more, recipe calls for 500g)
- Added spinach and tsp of nutmeg to the onion in the bowl and 200g feta, chopped
- Added 2 large eggs and 180ml thickened cream and mixed.
(could now add pine nuts)
- Placed 10 sheets of filo pastry in the bottom of a baking dish, basting with melted butter in between, added mixture, folded over edges, topped with 4 more sheets crumpled on top and cooked 50 mins at 170° in the oven.

The chicken I did on the stove top - flattened chicken breast pieces, coated in seasoned flour, cooked a couple of mins each side and set aside. Made the sauce, couple of cubes chicken stock, splash white wine, lemon zest, garlic (sauted first), lemon juice and a little cream to the juices in the pan. When thickening added the chicken back to warm through and served.

Also made Nigella's flourless choc brownies for dessert.
Used chopped macadamia/cashew/almond instead of walnuts.
OMG this is so rich!! No way would I go the choc sauce too. Really yum and I guess the nuts are healthy, lol.
Was still warm and very gooey but reading the comments should harden up in the fridge, though I liked it as a gooey dessert.

So a really yummy dinner, the kids all loved it as well as the adults, dd2 asked for it every day, lol. As I've mentioned before I so love veal/chicken in lemon sauce and it's so quick and easy should do it more often. The flattened chicken is so tender too.

Saturday 1st October - pancakes, chicken stock, rice

Breakfast - pancake batter (edc)
Made - chicken stock (as always, lol)
And made rice to go with leftovers for lunch.
Dinner was bbq (so dh can get a fix with his new bbq)