Wednesday 30th November

So sorry I've gotten a bit slack.
I just feel that I am blogging the same old, same old.
I feel that reading through the last year and half's posts you can see that I still use the tmx all the time. It's been such a great investment and saved me time and money and we also eat better.
I feel that maybe it's time to move the blog to a more interesting recipe base. ie yes everyone knows we eat a lot of porridge, lol.
So am thinking to just blog more on the main meals we cook and recipe links, and when I have time more of a general overview.

And highlight of this week has to have been the enchilada recipe from the forum. Once again a total winner, dd2's absolutely favourite meal still.
For me I think the wontons, stock and wonton soup we had tonight. I love how easy it is to chop, mix, stir and make the wonton mixture. As I've said so many times re the chicken stock, ooooh so simple, I just love the leave it, no need to strain due to the basket etc, well I must do as I make it every week, lol.
Haven't had wonton soup in awhile and forgotten how much I love it (last few times we've had wontons done them with rice and stir fry veg.

Wednesday 23rd November

Tuesday - no uses :-(
the kids have gone off porridge for a bit (darn! how easy was that, but I did expect it as they've had it every day for months and months, hopefully next winter it'll be popular again) and we were out the rest of the day and evening.

Wednesday - dinner I made a chicken, veg and tomato sauce to go with pasta (no real recipe, chopped and sauted garlic, herbs, sauteed chicken, added veg and 1/2 tin of tomatoes, worcester sauce and cooked 15 mins.

Monday 21st November - choc orange muffins, chicken and veg fried rice

Made orange muffins with choc chips (forum recipe) so love this one as I love orange but hate peeling them, so the throw the whole thing in so appeals to me. Haven't had them in ages as dd2 doesn't like them, so I tend to avoid but as I'm making heaps this week it wasn't a problem.

Dinner had a chicken and veg 'fried' rice. I've taken to doing stir fry's on the stove top but I so love the ease of using the tmx, rice in the basket, chicken (marinated) and vegies in the varoma, cook for 16 mins, pop the chicken and vegies with some soy sauce, sweet chili sauce and sesame oil and cook for a minute, mix all together. Yum! And so easy. I prepped (10 mins before going to collect dd, home) then cooked for less than 20 mins and all ready to serve. Whilst it was cooking I did the lunch box washing up and general tidying. Love how the tmx frees you up for other things.

Sunday 29th November - muffins, gravy

Made two batches of muffins - cheese and zucchini and 4 berry. Working on a recipe and will post it when I'm happy with it.
Roast for dinner - made the gravy in the tmx.

Saturday 19th November

Breakfast - boiled eggs, still loving how easy boiled eggs are with still never a broken one, and no need to worry about timing.

Afternoon - made orange and pineapple juice, with lots of ice as it was hot and we'd been out.

Dinner - made a bbq marinade (garlic, little soy, worcester sauce, tomato sauce, - sure there was something else) to marinate chicken for dinner.

Thursday 17th November - porridge, stock, cauliflower soup, rice

Sorry really finding it hard to get this updated daily. Also our eating at the moment really isn't very inspiring, lol. A lot of the same easy quick to make meals.
So Mon-Thurs this week.
Several batches of porridge (what a surprise, lol).
Chicken stock. (another not a surprise, lol)
Tonight we had cauliflower soup. (oh how I love the ease of soup making in the tmx, esp with yummy homemade stock, so economical too).
Also made rice yesterday.
It was really hot at the beginning of the week so we were just eating cold meats and salad type meals. So think that might be it.

Sunday 13th November - pancake mix, butter, stock, cream of chicken and mushroom soup, gravy

Breakfast - pancake mix.
Lunch - chicken stock, then cream of chicken and mushroom soup (so garlic, herbs, stock, chili flakes, heated, added mushrooms and cooked 10 mins, blitzed, added milk and cream and cooked chicken and mixed and heated for 2 mins on reverse.)

Made spreadable butter (usual recipe)

Dinner - roast, made gravy in the tmx.

Friday/Saturday 13th - Your favourite salad?

Think just porridge for breakfast both days.
We really need to have more home time for cooking!!
But salads/rolls/cold meats seem to be the main thing esp with all the end of year extra activites.

As the summer season is here I'd love to know what your favourite salads are - thermomix of not!!

Wed/Thur 11th November

Wed - porridge and steamed veg
Thursday - porridge.

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Monday/ Tuesday 8th November - porridge, mashed potato and veg, 4 berry sorbet

Monday - breakfast - porridge
Dinner - mashed potatoes and steamed veg to go with a roast turkey joint that I'd cooked earlier (so all the timings could fit in with afternoon activities).

Tuesday - 4 berry sorbet, hot here today so a cooling sorbet was needed for after school treat.

Sunday 6th November - shortbread

We were out for pretty much all the day and had eggs for breakfast but dd1 did manage to fit in making some shortbread.

Friday/Saturday 5th November - porridge, indian beef, custard

Friday - porridge for breakfast.
Rice for lunch.

Saturday - porridge for breakfast
Dinner - made an Indian beef dish.
No recipe, milled various spices (cumin, coriander seed, little fenugreek, cloves), chopped garlic, ginger, little chili, onion, sauteed all 8 mins. Added meat, tin of tomatoes, cream, little water, cooked an hour at 90 on reverse, added chopped mushrooms and cooked 7 mins. Served with rice.

Dessert - custard. Haven't made custard in ages, forgot how yum it was. Made choc vanilla. So great pop it in when you dish up and there is lovely hot custard ready for when you've eaten.

Thursday 3rd November - porridge, rice, stock, chicken udon soup

Breakfast - porridge.

Lunch - made rice to go with leftover enchilada sauce from last night.

Dinner - made chicken stock and then made soup. Chopped garlic and ginger, sauteed, added stock, chili flakes, little soy sauce, chinese 5 spice, heated, added mixed veg and cooked shredded chicken, cooked 8 mins added shelf fresh udon noodles. dd3's favourite soup so she was happy.

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Wed 2 November - porridge, chicken enchilada's

Breakfast - porridge

Dinner - chicken enchilada's.
Using the forum beef enchilada recipe (linked here previously or search on the forum). Though just added some cooked chicken (from last night's roast) to the 3/4 of the tomato mixture and cooked for 1 min on reverse. I also use two tins of chopped tomatoes and blitz.
This was once again dd2's absolute favourite meal.

Mon/Tues 31st/1 November - porridge, gravy

Monday - just breakfast porridge.
Tuesday - porridge and gravy to go with roast chicken dinner.

We are just so busy at the moment they we seem to be sticking with the same few meals, really need to find the time to get stuck into some cookbooks and come up with some different meals.
Though it's hard to find things that cook super quick and can be easily reheated/kept warm.