Wednesday 30th March - smoothie, beef balti, kfc

Breakfast - strawberry smoothie

Lunch - made a quick beef and capsicum curry with balti curry paste.
Dinner - we used some of Chookie's kfc mix on chicken pieces - baked in the oven then quickly shallow fried them when cooked to crisp them up - yum!

Tuesday 29th March - porridge, leek and potato soup

Must be the cooler weather as the kids are very into porridge for breakfast again - and I won't complain, cheap, filling and healthy.

Dinner - Leek and potato soup with garlic bread.
Put my foot down even when dd3 begged - not vegie udon soup tonight!!
One thing I so love about the tmx is how easy it is to make blended soups, not cooking, pouring into the food processor or using the stick blender, doing it in batches and making a mess. Cooks quickly (as you can chop the vegies first so easily) and then a quick whizz when cooked.

Luckily it was still a hit and even dd3 who refused to try it for the first 10 minutes (I don't like that soup!!! I remember it and I want the one with the vegies) ended up asking for a bowl and loving it.

Not very inspiring when photographed, lol, but yum.

Monday 28th March - porridge, rice, vegetable

Breakfast - porridge.

Dinner - made chicken and spinach filo parcels, served with rice and steamed veg from the TMX.
Still so love rice steamedin the TMX, so much nicer than by any other method.

Sunday 27th March - pasta, stock

Dinner - creamy tomato and salami pasta from the EDC

I also made chicken stock.

Saturday 26th March - pancakes, chicken in yoghurt, steamed veg

Breakfast - pancakes.

Dinner - chicken in yoghurt (yum still a family fav) and steamed veg in the varoma (made rice in the rice cooker).

Friday 25th March - chocolate cake

Made a chocolate cake mix for a cake to take to the cake stall at the school polling booth tomorrow.

And think that was it as had scrambled eggs for breakfast, wraps and leftovers for lunch and sushi for dinner (did the sushi rice in the rice cooker as put it on before going out on the school run).

Thursday 24th March - smoothie, vanilla pudding

Breakfast - smoothie

Made our fav vanilla pudding for desserts.

Wednesday 23rd March - rice, vegetables, sauce

dinner - We had a Thai pork belly that was on special at Woollies.
Really yummy, sous vide cooked and then heat for 20 mins, I cooked it in the oven, with rice and vegies in the tmx/varoma and then poured the jus into the tmx, added a spoonful of cornflour and cooked to make a delicious gravy (better I think than the dipping sauce it came with. A couple of additives I'm not happy with but if it's on special I'd buy it again as we all loved it.

Tuesday 22nd March - hot chocolate, soup

This afternoon I fancied a hot chocolate (my child free day and I've been thinking for a few weeks I'd love to go and have one but was too busy and doing some dyeing for my store and was suddenly after 2pm and nearly school run time so I made a quick hot chocolate in the tmx). Yum.

Dinner was the girls favourite - chicken, vegetable and udon soup. (am hoping one day they'll let me make a diff soup!!! But it's tasty, healthy and filling and if I say it's soup for dinner they all plead for it (and yes dd2 and 3 both had a bowl of the frozen vegies whilst it was cooking).

Monday 21st March - smoothie, pork and fried rice

Breakfast - smoothie.

Dinner - Pork and fried rice.
Blitzed garlic and ginger, added 700g water, put rice in basket, pork in foil parcel with soy sauce. Cooked 10 mins, varoma temp. Added vegies to top varoma tray and cooked another 10 mins.
Added sherry, soy sauce and corn flour to the bowl and cooked 4 minutes to make the sauce.
Also added a scrambled egg - had brought the eggs in from the chickens and one had a soft shell so quickly fried it up in a pan I already had out.


Sunday 20th March - pancakes, sweet paprika, choc custard

Breakfast was pancakes.

I then made some sweet paprika from red capsicums we'd dehydrated.

And dessert was chocolate custard.

19 March - smoothie, boiled eggs, stock, jam, cottage pie

Breakfast - smoothie and boiled eggs

Made chicken stock

Strawberry Jam

Dinner - cottage pie.
Made the mashed potato and the mince and bolognaise in the tmx.
Added frozen mixed veg and topped with grated cheese before baking.

For those that love to hear of my kids strange eating habits, dd'2 2 & 3 had a bowl of the frozen veg with added grated cheese for a starter, lol.

Friday 18th March - rice and vegetables

Dinner - Made chicken pie with rice and vegetables cooked in the TMX.
The chicken I baked in soy sauce, then shredded and wrapped in pastry with spinach, feta and sour cream.
Thinking about it I could have cooked the chicken in the varoma at the same time as the rice and vegies and put them in the thermoserver whilst the pies were cooking (only takes 20 mins).

These pies were really really yummy and the kids all had thirds and ate far too much, lol.

Thursday March 17th - smoothie

Thursday is our non cooking/salad type day for lunch and dinner due to activities and such and today we just had smoothie for breakfast. Did have lots of cooking plans but they didn't happen.

Wednesday 16th March - pizza, vanilla pudding

Made my favourite vanilla pudding (from the vanilla slice recipe linked further back a couple of times).

Dinner was pizza, so made the dough, grated the cheeses and made the sauces in the tmx.

Tuesday 15th March - quick curry, Persian beef and lime stew.

Lunch I made a super quick curry, sliced beef, curry paste, left over defrosted stroganoff sauce!, cooked for 10 mins, added mushrooms (another 5 minutes) and capsicum (another 5 mins), added some cooked rice for a sort of curry stew. Really really yum.

Dinner - the Persian beef and lime stew from MOTM. Once again a mix of green lentils and soup mix, a bit less meat, but so so tasty. A family favourite.

Monday 14th March - sausage, mash, veg and onion gravy, cashew chocolate pudding.

Dinner - made Sausage, mash and onion gravy with veg using the forum recipe. Haven't had this in ages but dh had bought some sausages for the bbq on the weekend but we all had steak instead. It was really yummy, forgot how nice it was.
And for dessert Jabba's chocolate cashew cream

Made it before dinner and popped in the fridge to chill, so super super easy and tasty. Next time I'll add a little more cocoa, wondering even if you could melt some chocolate but still chill it quite quickly.

Sunday 13th March - muffins, bread, chili sauce

Made a double batch of cheese and zuchinni muffins for this weeks snacks.

Made a loaf of bread (missed bread making)

dh made a number of different strength chili sauces.

Saturday 12th March - pasta

Dinner for the girls was creamy tomato pasta (we went out for a lovely Indian meal in Darling Harbour for my sister's birthday.

Friday 11th March - smoothie, chicken madras

Breakfast - smoothie

Dinner - chicken madras (using the Curtis Stone recipe I converted)

Thursday 10th March

One of those extremely rare days where the thermomix wasn't used at all!!!

I just had fruit for breakfast and was out early. Then not home until dinner time which was rolls and salad and ham.

poor little thermomix - sure I will make up for it tomorrow or the weekend though!

Wednesday 9th March - smoothie, soup

Breakfast - smoothie

Dinner - the kids favourite, chicken, vegetable and udon noodle soup.

Tuesday 8th March - smoothie

Breakfast smoothie.

And that was it for the poor Thermomix today. Was busy all day and went out for dinner for my baby girl's 4th birthday.
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Sunday 6th March - dip, salad

Made dd3's favourite dip for her party today - the garlic and herb from the EDC (or the white one as she calls it) and then made a carrot, capsicum and spring onion salad.

The party went great and the cake was a hit. Now we just have to make the 40 cupcakes for preschool - am thinking of doing cheese and zucchini muffins as they are her favourites, but not sure if too many of the kids would be disappointed.

Saturday 5th March - chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, vegie sausage rolls, honey, soy and lime marinade, creamy tomato pasta, chicken stock

It's dd3's 4th Birthday Party tomorrow so made
Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Ganache to ice it.

Decorated with chocolate numbers to make a clock face (was a bit of a squeeze to get the big ones on, lol, though looks a bit neater irl.

Made vegie 'sausage roll' mix
Did a double portion of this recipe I made up
Have partially cooked them ready to be heated up tomorrow.

Made a honey, soy and lime marinade for chicken drumsticks (having a BBQ tomorrow).

For dinner the girls had creamy tomato pasta.

I also made some chicken stock (just because I had a carcass to use up - but thinking soup and leftovers will be good for dinner tomorrow night).

Friday 4th February - smoothie, rice, veg

Breakfast - smoothie

Dinner - did a turkey roast joint but cooked rice and steamed veg in the TMX.

Thursday 3rd March - pate and cheese and zucchini muffins

Made pate - gave one batch to a friend and kept one, hope she likes it.
Still so impressed by how quick, easy and cheap this is!
Also a batch of cheese and zucchini muffins.
Lunch and dinner was bbq chicken and salads.

Wednesday 2nd March - vegie stock concentrate, yorkshire puddings

Made a batch of vegiestock concentrate.

Dinner was beef, roast potatoes, veg and yorkshire puddings.
Made the yorkshire pudding batter in the thermomix. (Jamie Oliver recipe again).

Tuesday 1st March - smoothie, chicken stuffed with cheese, rice and veg

Breakfast - smoothie

Dinner - chicken thigh fillets flattened. Filled with a (tmx made) filling of cheddar cheese, garlic, herbs and yoghurt - some with added olives, some with added sundried tomato. Cooked in the varoma with rice and vegetables. (chicken 25 mins, rice 16mins, veg 10 mins)

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