Thursday 30th December - smoothie, mayonnaise, coleslaw, potato salad, chicken and brown rice soup, tortillas, stock

Breakfast - smoothie.

Then made
  • garlic mayonnaise
  • without cleaning the bowl some coleslaw
  • steamed potatoes and eggs for potato salad
To go with chicken and salad for lunch.

Dinner - QuirkyJo's Creamy Chicken and brown rice soup
And some of TrudyO's Tortilla's.
(with leftovers from lunch)

And some stock with today's chicken carcass.

Wednesday 29th December - smoothie, Butter Chicken

Breakfast - smoothie

Out all day.

Dinner - Butter chicken from the Indian cookbook. Once again so yummy. Probably said this the last time, far too much sauce (though have frozen some without the chicken to be used for a lunch for dd3 and I when the girls are back at school) - I also didn't use the 500g cream but used 250g cream, 100g yoghurt, 150g water (washed out the cream tub) but I think I'd just go 250g cream or even 150g cream/100g yoghurt next time as think the yoghurt gave a great flavour.
Really lovely flavours. A family favourite (I only use one chilli too with the kids) This is really nicer than ones from a restaurant. I guess it's all the herbs and spices (oh and I also used cumin seeds as well as ground cumin)

Tuesday 28th December - smoothie, pasta

Breakfast - smoothie

Dinner - creamy tomato pasta (pretty much as per the salami recipe in the edc without salami).

Monday 27th December - porridge, potato salad, coleslaw, bread rolls

Breakfast - porridge.

Lunch - made a dressing to go with the potato salad I'd prepared yesterday.
Made coleslaw and two lots of bread rolls as we had friends round for lunch.

Sunday 26th December - smoothie, cheese bread, bread, dip, banana bread, potato and eggs, Mongolian Beef

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day.

The Thermomix had a good work out today after it's day off (nearly) yesterday.

Breakfast - smoothie

For lunch made a couple of small free form cheese and wholewheat loafs (with cheese in the middle and on top) served with various salads, ham and dips.

Also made a loaf of bread for tomorrow (cracked rye and black chia)

Made a garlic and herb dip (with parsley and chives) to replenish the one that was eaten yesterday. btw the pate was a massive success - everyone loved it and were very impressed it was homemade.

Made banana bread - as we had a couple of bananas needing eating up.
This is a lovely recipe. Very light and moist banana bread.

And cooked cubed potato in the varoma and eggs in the basket for potato salad for tomorrow.

Dinner was Mongolian Beef (MOTM). I had cubed beef so cooked it for 20 mins in total. Once again a hit, the meat is so tender from the marinating. I did put in a large green jalapeno chili only partly deseeded which made it a bit on the spicy side esp for the kids, but they still at it up and loved it.
Served with carrots and rice.

Saturday 25th December - smoothie

Merry Christmas everyone!!

We were out all day today but enjoyed a TMX smoothie before we left.

Friday 24th December - pancakes, dips, pate, coleslaw, bread, shortbread, Honey Mustard Chicken

Breakfast - pancakes

In the morning I made - garlic and herb dip (with chives and parsley - a really nice change to the spring onions) and hummus for Christmas Day tomorrow.
I also made the chicken liver pate in the EDC - very impressed. So cheap, quick and easy to make two big pate containers - dh is currently enjoying some!
Will be off looking at pate recipes now as it's just so professional looking.

Made coleslaw (instead of cleaning the tmx after making the garlic and herb dip).

Made a loaf of bread.

And a double lot of shortbread.

Dinner was Trudy O's Honey Mustard Chicken. Another simple, quick and very tasty Thermomix meal. Compared to most other people we would go for a little more mustard (dh thought a little hot english, I was thinking a little dijon) as we like things with a lot of flavour. Kids all enjoyed so this one is def on the menu.
I cooked red capsicum and mushrooms in with meal and served with rice and carrots.

Lunches - part 3

Final part of the school lunches post.
These are just their lunches, they also had a morning tea (usually fruit based with some muffin/ltm/dried fruit/muesli bar type thing or dip and crackers or dd2 takes soup or pasta) and fruit break (fruit, lol)
muffin, bread with mayo, olives, cheese, peas, gherkin and container of mixed seeds

Pizza scroll (??Ham, cheese, pizza sauce, olives?? made with tmx pizza dough), Lettuce, sundried tomato, cherry tomato and tub of salad dressing.

Rice crackers and muffin (the most common muffins I make are the cheese and zucchini, orange or banana, this looks like an orange one - this is the easiest recipe and is on the forum).
Lettuce, Ham (rolled up and skewered with flower cut cheese), cherry tomatoes and flower cucumber (and think that's a sundried tomato to the side)

Tortillas with sour cream, ham, cheese and cucumber.
Cucumber, olives, gherkin, cherry tomatoes.

I half and half home made and bought tortillas though must have been a busy couple of weeks (well it was with all the end of term stuff) so the ones here are all shop bought.

These are pretty indicative of their lunches, they aren't keen on sandwiches, love anything with puff pastry and love wraps and salad. dd1 has sundried tomatoes, whereas dd2 can't live without gherkins and olives.
They aren't big eaters at school, preferring to play with friends but if the lunch is interesting enough they will eat it. If it's a sandwich it comes straight back home (funnily enough they love sandwiches/toasted sandwiches at home. Though mostly only with homemade bread.

I love using little cutters to add interest to their lunches, takes hardly anytime and they love it.
Other lunch favs are sushi (I hate making it but dd3 is on about it all the time at the moment. I hate touching the rice, but the older two are happy to do that bit), and dd2 loves leftover soup or pasta (which she has whenever we have those, so once every week or two, though often for morning tea)

School lunches - Part 2

Part 2 of 3 of the last 2 weeks school lunches.

Another Friday - puff pastry rolls again (no idea of fillings but cheeses, pizza sauce, olives, salami, spinach etc), with LTM and cherry tomato
Tortilla wraps with (am guessing) ham, cheese and cucumber. Feta, cherry tomato and sundried tomato.

Crackers, muffin (banana???) cheese (flowers), cabanossi, carrots, tomato, gherkin and a snowman chocolate.

School lunches - Part 1

Not necessarily TMX related but I took pics of the girls lunch boxes over the last couple of weeks of school so if I need ideas in the new year I can have a look.
Hopefully some ideas for others as well. Will try to remember what there is as best as I can.

Salad - cucumber in flower shapes, lettuce, cheese, sundried tomatoes. Tuna. Crackers. LTM. And a Christmas Chocolate (I don't usually do chocolates etc for school lunches but it was December!) Today was a snowman.
Puff pastry squares with herbs. Cold boiled egg sliced, bacon, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. With another snowman chocolate.
Puff pastry rolls - not sure what's on them, we do them most Friday's, usually pizza sauce, cheese, olives, sometimes spinach, capsicum etc.
With cherry tomatoes (love the yellow ones, we had a great yield off one small plant), LTM and santa choc.

Tortilla wraps (no idea what was on them, but probably sour cream, sweet chili sauce, cheese, cucumber, maybe lettuce, maybe ham)
With Christmas shortbread (with pistachios and craisins, recipe on the forum), LTM, cherry tomatoes, star cucumber and heart chocolate

Thursday 23rd December - porridge, stock, bread rolls

Breakfast - porridge (well dd1 made it as I popped to the shops).

Had chicken for lunch so made stock. And bread rolls.

Lunch and dinner were similar - chicken, rolls, salads, lots of leftovers basically. Dinner everyone had some of the stock made into a light soup - just stock microwaved with some shredded chicken and pepper.

Wednesday 22nd December - mayonnaise, coleslaw, tortillas, strawberry jam

Morning - garlic mayonnaise (using the whole egg, then oil then flavouring recipe from the forum)
Then made some coleslaw to use up the mayo in the bowl.
Lunch - tortilla's.
Afternoon - strawberry jam.
Sure there was another use in there but dinner was sushi (oooh could have done the sushi rice in the tmx, used the rice cooker as always) and breakfast was eggs so not sure what else.
OK not TMX but also dehydrated a load of oregano - it's gone manic with all this rain!

Tuesday 21st December - smoothie, porridge, bread, rice, chicken balls

Breakfast - smoothie and porridge

Lunch - rice

Made a loaf of bread.
Dinner - chicken balls (served with wedgesand salad). These were once again a hit (recipe on here - made with chicken and feta).

Monday - 20th December - coleslaw, bread, beef madras

Lunch - coleslaw (carrot, cabbage, celery, red capsicum with a little mayo) to go with other salad ingredients, ham, cheese and tortillas.

Made a loaf of bread.

Dinner - Beef madras - cooked the madras that I converted from the Cole's Curtis Stone recipe - published on here and the forum. Once again very yum!!
Served with rice and veg. (older two girls aren't keen on curry or sauce or a lot of meat so they have rice, veg and a bit of the meat whilst dd3 and I love the rice and sauce.)

Friday 17th December - smoothie, bread, shortbread, popcorn prawns and vegetables

Breakfast- smoothie

An afternoon at home and made shortbread and a loaf of bread.

Dinner we had Popcorn Prawns. Went to the MasterChef live show at the Hordern Pavillion on the weekend and decided to recreate the Popcorn Prawns dish demonstrated by Peter Kuruvita of The Flying Fish.
I bought his chili salt to try out and use in the dish and will have a go at adapting it at some point as it's a nice and versatile seasoning.

For the prawns I made some popcorn.
Put 4 large handfuls into the TMX, ground 15- 20 secs spd 9.
Added to this a tsp of chili salt
And a tsp of sumac.

I then cooked the prawns as well as some carrots, capsicum and mushrooms (the vegies in the bottom of the varoma, the prawns in the top and added later as they were cooked prawns that just needed heating through).

Dip the cooked prawns in garlic mayonnaise (made in the tmx of course - I used plain mayo as that's what I had to use up, but will make garlic next time) then in the popcorn mixture.

I was a bit sceptical but these were really nice, all the flavours worked well together and I'll def make these again, a lovely addition to plain prawns and very little work (and the girls love popcorn).

Thursday 16th December - smoothie, fettucine and meatballs, chicken stock

Breakfast - smoothie

Dinner was Fettucine with Meatballs.
Had meatballs in the freezer which I defrosted.
For the sauce:
1 clove garlic
handful of parsley and oregano
1 chili deseeded
1/2 an onion
1/2 courgette
chopped 10 secs sp 5
1 tin of tomatoes
150ml wine
200ml water (would add a little more next time for a runnier sauce)
2 tsp stock concentrate
Put the meatballs and slices of red capsicum in the basket.
Put the basket in and cooked 25mins on varoma speed 1.
Really yummy, loved the sauce and the meatballs were so tender. The method I got from the spaghetti and meatballs recipe in meat on the menu, but the sauce I made up.

Also made chicken stock.

Wednesday 15th December - smoothie, pork and mushroom tikka masala, rice and veg

Breakfast - smoothie

Dinner - Pork and Mushroom Tikka Masala. Using TMX tikka paste. Also cooked rice and steamed carrots in the varoma.

Tuesday 14th December - smoothie, beef stroganoff

Breakfast smoothie.

Lunch used the leftover stroganoff sauce (dh had made extra!) with some added meat (bought a rump today and vacuum packed it into portions - so loving my new toy!) and 3 mins before the end added leftover rice from last night to heat through. Really yummy!!

Nothing for dinner as we were out for carols night at the school (dd1's birthday) so had sausage sandwiches

Monday 13th December - smoothie, chicken, rice and veg

Breakfast - smoothie.

Dinner - chicken breast flattened and wrapped around ham and cheese with rice, steamed veg and lime and cream sauce.
(so chicken put in varoma for 35 mins, rice added with 16 mins to go and veg added - top tray of varoma - with 10 mins to go - once all cooked mixed juices, juice of a lime, and a couple of dollops of cream at 50 degrees speed 1 to create a sauce.

Sunday 12th December - Beef Stroganoff

Was out all day celebrating dd1's birthday but dinner was Beef Stroganoff (cooked by dh as dd1 and I were out).

BTW here is dd1's cake. The cake is the forum Bimby Chocolate Cake with vanilla icing and purple sprinkles and chocolate butterflies and stars in blue and purple and a chocolate 9.

Saturday 11th December - cake, banana muffins, tortilla's, ravioli, lentil curry

It's dd1's birthday party tomorrow (going to Putt Putt Golf at Dural) so cake making today.
Made the large chocolate cake from the forum, also made a variety of blue and purple chocolate butterflies and stars to decorate it, as well as blue chocolate 9 (she's turning 9 obviously).

Also made some banana and choc chip muffins (forum recipe), for general eating and also will send a variety of these and cheese and zucchini muffins for dd2 to take to school on Monday for a class picnic.

Lunch - made Trudy Olive's tortilla's. (forum recipe)

Dinner - spinach and feta ravioli, made the filling in the tmx (cooked spinach, added feta and blended) and also the pasta dough. dd1 made up the ravioli's. (not the best example as this was one of the last ones when we were running out of filling).

And later dh made himself lentil curry (from his own very long winded recipe - smelt great though).

Friday 10th December - bread, vegetables

Made bread rolls.

Dinner - we had leftovers and steamed vegies in the Varoma as well.

Thursday 9th December - smoothie, muffins, sundried tomato and capsicum dip, chicken stock, soup

Breakfast - smoothie

Made cheese and zucchini muffins (forum recipe)

Made Sundried Tomato and Capsicum Dip (EDC) - this is really nice and makes masses, next time I'd do half the recipe if just for us for dips.

Made chicken stock and soup for dinner.

Wednesday 8th December - smoothie, mongolian beef

Breakfast - smoothie

Dinner - Mongolian Beef (mongolian lamb from Meat on the Menu) - this was really nice and will get a repeat.
Very quick and easy.

Tuesday 7 December - smoothie, honey soy chicken, kfc coated chicken, mashed potato and veg.

Breakfast - smoothie

Lunch - honey soy chicken wingettes (forum)

Dinner - Did chicken strips (coated in Chookie's KFC coating) with mashed potatoes and steamed veg cooked in the TMX.

Monday 6th December - smoothie, teriyaki chicken

Breakfast - smoothie.

Dinner - Teriyaki chicken
This time I omitted the cornflour and added a mc of water, think next time I'll add the water and a little cornflour. I love sauce and the original recipe was too dry for me.

Sunday 5th December - porridge, smoothie, Christmas Shortbread, dip, salad, tortillas, slow cooked ribs, potatoes, steamed veg

Breakfast: porridge and 4 berry smoothies

Spent a lot of the morning in the kitchen

Pistaschio and cranberry Christmas shortbread
Kids had this for desert and loved it.
Lovely red, green and white festive colours.

Not TMX but also made some more Xmas chocolates (the girls have been loving having a little advent chocolate in their lunch boxes as a December treat) and easiyo yoghurt

Lunch - garlic and herb dip
Carrot, capsicum and lime salad (with leftover dip in the bowl)
Tortillas (Trudy Olive's recipe)
(also tomato, cucumber and feta salad and leftover veg from last night)

Dinner was Helene's slow cooked ribs
These are just so scrumptious, though I over reduced the glaze, but just slapped it on and cooked and worked fine. Well worth the time and effort - though really they aren't that much work so long as you are around the house.
Served with parmesan salt potatoes (cubed potatoes, cooked in the basket 20 mins; then rinsed and dried the bowl, chopped parmesan and salt and then tossed in the potatoes and a little EVOO and mixed for 10secs, reverse, speed 1. Then popped in a roasting tray with a little more oil and baked in the oven to crisp up.)
And steamed vegetables in the Varoma.

Saturday 4th December - pasta

Dinner for the girls made pasta. (we had steak, potatoes and vegies on the bbq)

Friday 3rd December - smoothie, mayonnaise

Breakfast - smoothie.

Also made some mayonnaise.

Had to have an early dinner as had to get back to school for dd's band soiree and as it was hot ended up just having salad/wraps/sandwiches rather than planned dinner.

Thursday 2nd December - smoothie, Pork Tikka Masala, rice, steamed veg, bread, chicken stock concentrate

Breakfast - strawberry smoothie.

Dinner - Pork Tikka Masala.
I ended up with too much oil and drained that off most of the way through cooking the pork so lost a lot of the red colouring but this was soooo yummy. Loving the tikka paste (from the Indian cookbook, made last week). Served with rice and steamed vegies both done in the TMX.
Also made a loaf of bread.

And chicken stock concentrate. Chicken Stock Concentrate This is cooking at the moment so will update on how it went later.

Wednesday 1st December - smoothie, eggs

Breakfast - smoothie.

Boiled eggs for the girls lunch boxes tomorrow.

Dinner we had pie - the meat was the other half of the gourmet beef (recipe by Robyn on the forum) I made last week. Made a really lovely pie filling. And such a quick and simple meal with the leftovers in the freezer.