3 October

Yesterday dd1 baked a cake for her sisters birthday
Using this recipe http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/9598/basic+sponge+cake (dairy free)

Decorated with icing sugar (of course also made in the TMX, strawberries and a fondant heart.

Served with strawberry sauce (EDC recipe, slightly less sugar).

A couple of batches of rice have also been made the last couple of days.

September 2015 - a week

A quick update. Thermomix is still very much part of our kitchen, and super jealous of those with a new one!!

A few things from the last week.
- rice for fried rice
- mashed potatoes
- cookie mix (dd1's super delicious triple chic chip cookies!)
- Yorkshire pudding mix to go with Sunday roast
- chicken stock (from bones/leftover bbq chicken)
- and resulting soup (stock, garlic, little chili paste, tin tomatoes, 1/2 tin four bean mix, small shell pasta, Worcester sauce, pepper )
- boiled eggs (twice, for breakfast with extras for lunch)
- strawberry jam (strawberries are so in season at the moment, super yum and cheap)

So as you can see the thermomix is not an investment we regret even after all this time.