And how could I have forgotten the highlight of last week's cooking, Hollondaise sauce - so lots of yummy eggs this week.
Unbelievable how easy sauces re in the thermomix.

Oh and for the girls the added highlight of meringues made with the egg whites.


Not posted in ages, sorry!!!

So spot light day, some of this weeks meals/favourites.

No cook museli bars - sort of following the LTM recipe (see here or the themomix forum) melt the sugar, butter, honey and then added previously chopped dried fruit, oats, and some rice bubbles and/or corn flakes. (we had lots of leftover ends of cereal, lol).

Mashed potatoes, as always a favourite. This was with grilled chicken and tmx steamed veg.

Tuna and corn burgers - from good food magazine. 3 slices bread to breadcrumbs, 1/2 a tin of corn, blend, add tin of tuna rest of corn (both largish tins).  chopped shallots. Make into burgers and fry.

Chicken pie - using leftover roast chicken, sauted mushrooms and onions and made the gravy in the tmx.

And of course our pretty much weekly chicken stock and resulting soup - such a great way to make the most of a roast chicken (already been roast and then pie). This weeks was a vegie soup - soaked and then cooked soup mix for 1/2 an hour, added thinly sliced vegies and cooked for another 20 mins.