Sunday 9th January - rolls, bread, donuts, pasta, sauce

Made bread rolls for lunch (little half sized ones) and a loaf of bread (with black chia and multigrain mix).
Made donut mixture for the donut machine using this recipe of Isi's
The girls really liked these donuts so must do them more often, dd3 is always asking for donuts (even though I'm not too sure when she's had them, lol)

Dinner for the girls was home made fettucine (dough made in tmx) with a basic tomato sauce (1 clove of garlic, 1/4 onion, handful of herbs - chopped on speed 7, added oil and sauted 3 mins, added 4 large tomatoes and chopped sp 5, added 1 measuring cup of water, some worcester sauce and pepper. Cooked 15 minutes on 100° speed 1.

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