Lunches - part 3

Final part of the school lunches post.
These are just their lunches, they also had a morning tea (usually fruit based with some muffin/ltm/dried fruit/muesli bar type thing or dip and crackers or dd2 takes soup or pasta) and fruit break (fruit, lol)
muffin, bread with mayo, olives, cheese, peas, gherkin and container of mixed seeds

Pizza scroll (??Ham, cheese, pizza sauce, olives?? made with tmx pizza dough), Lettuce, sundried tomato, cherry tomato and tub of salad dressing.

Rice crackers and muffin (the most common muffins I make are the cheese and zucchini, orange or banana, this looks like an orange one - this is the easiest recipe and is on the forum).
Lettuce, Ham (rolled up and skewered with flower cut cheese), cherry tomatoes and flower cucumber (and think that's a sundried tomato to the side)

Tortillas with sour cream, ham, cheese and cucumber.
Cucumber, olives, gherkin, cherry tomatoes.

I half and half home made and bought tortillas though must have been a busy couple of weeks (well it was with all the end of term stuff) so the ones here are all shop bought.

These are pretty indicative of their lunches, they aren't keen on sandwiches, love anything with puff pastry and love wraps and salad. dd1 has sundried tomatoes, whereas dd2 can't live without gherkins and olives.
They aren't big eaters at school, preferring to play with friends but if the lunch is interesting enough they will eat it. If it's a sandwich it comes straight back home (funnily enough they love sandwiches/toasted sandwiches at home. Though mostly only with homemade bread.

I love using little cutters to add interest to their lunches, takes hardly anytime and they love it.
Other lunch favs are sushi (I hate making it but dd3 is on about it all the time at the moment. I hate touching the rice, but the older two are happy to do that bit), and dd2 loves leftover soup or pasta (which she has whenever we have those, so once every week or two, though often for morning tea)

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  1. Fantastic Zan! Loved seeing all these lunch-box meals. Your girls eat so well - kudos to you!