Sunday 5th December - porridge, smoothie, Christmas Shortbread, dip, salad, tortillas, slow cooked ribs, potatoes, steamed veg

Breakfast: porridge and 4 berry smoothies

Spent a lot of the morning in the kitchen

Pistaschio and cranberry Christmas shortbread
Kids had this for desert and loved it.
Lovely red, green and white festive colours.

Not TMX but also made some more Xmas chocolates (the girls have been loving having a little advent chocolate in their lunch boxes as a December treat) and easiyo yoghurt

Lunch - garlic and herb dip
Carrot, capsicum and lime salad (with leftover dip in the bowl)
Tortillas (Trudy Olive's recipe)
(also tomato, cucumber and feta salad and leftover veg from last night)

Dinner was Helene's slow cooked ribs
These are just so scrumptious, though I over reduced the glaze, but just slapped it on and cooked and worked fine. Well worth the time and effort - though really they aren't that much work so long as you are around the house.
Served with parmesan salt potatoes (cubed potatoes, cooked in the basket 20 mins; then rinsed and dried the bowl, chopped parmesan and salt and then tossed in the potatoes and a little EVOO and mixed for 10secs, reverse, speed 1. Then popped in a roasting tray with a little more oil and baked in the oven to crisp up.)
And steamed vegetables in the Varoma.


  1. Oh, yum, sounds like a good day in the kitchen!! I'm planning to make those ribs for Christmas - can't wait!

  2. Jo well worth it for the ribs, had leftovers for lunch, mmm still scrummy. Just watch the reduction as I did 25 mins and mine was over reduced, thought I had quite a lot of liquid in there.