Sunday 26th December - smoothie, cheese bread, bread, dip, banana bread, potato and eggs, Mongolian Beef

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day.

The Thermomix had a good work out today after it's day off (nearly) yesterday.

Breakfast - smoothie

For lunch made a couple of small free form cheese and wholewheat loafs (with cheese in the middle and on top) served with various salads, ham and dips.

Also made a loaf of bread for tomorrow (cracked rye and black chia)

Made a garlic and herb dip (with parsley and chives) to replenish the one that was eaten yesterday. btw the pate was a massive success - everyone loved it and were very impressed it was homemade.

Made banana bread - as we had a couple of bananas needing eating up.
This is a lovely recipe. Very light and moist banana bread.

And cooked cubed potato in the varoma and eggs in the basket for potato salad for tomorrow.

Dinner was Mongolian Beef (MOTM). I had cubed beef so cooked it for 20 mins in total. Once again a hit, the meat is so tender from the marinating. I did put in a large green jalapeno chili only partly deseeded which made it a bit on the spicy side esp for the kids, but they still at it up and loved it.
Served with carrots and rice.

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