Friday 17th December - smoothie, bread, shortbread, popcorn prawns and vegetables

Breakfast- smoothie

An afternoon at home and made shortbread and a loaf of bread.

Dinner we had Popcorn Prawns. Went to the MasterChef live show at the Hordern Pavillion on the weekend and decided to recreate the Popcorn Prawns dish demonstrated by Peter Kuruvita of The Flying Fish.
I bought his chili salt to try out and use in the dish and will have a go at adapting it at some point as it's a nice and versatile seasoning.

For the prawns I made some popcorn.
Put 4 large handfuls into the TMX, ground 15- 20 secs spd 9.
Added to this a tsp of chili salt
And a tsp of sumac.

I then cooked the prawns as well as some carrots, capsicum and mushrooms (the vegies in the bottom of the varoma, the prawns in the top and added later as they were cooked prawns that just needed heating through).

Dip the cooked prawns in garlic mayonnaise (made in the tmx of course - I used plain mayo as that's what I had to use up, but will make garlic next time) then in the popcorn mixture.

I was a bit sceptical but these were really nice, all the flavours worked well together and I'll def make these again, a lovely addition to plain prawns and very little work (and the girls love popcorn).

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