Wednesday 29th December - smoothie, Butter Chicken

Breakfast - smoothie

Out all day.

Dinner - Butter chicken from the Indian cookbook. Once again so yummy. Probably said this the last time, far too much sauce (though have frozen some without the chicken to be used for a lunch for dd3 and I when the girls are back at school) - I also didn't use the 500g cream but used 250g cream, 100g yoghurt, 150g water (washed out the cream tub) but I think I'd just go 250g cream or even 150g cream/100g yoghurt next time as think the yoghurt gave a great flavour.
Really lovely flavours. A family favourite (I only use one chilli too with the kids) This is really nicer than ones from a restaurant. I guess it's all the herbs and spices (oh and I also used cumin seeds as well as ground cumin)

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