School lunches - Part 1

Not necessarily TMX related but I took pics of the girls lunch boxes over the last couple of weeks of school so if I need ideas in the new year I can have a look.
Hopefully some ideas for others as well. Will try to remember what there is as best as I can.

Salad - cucumber in flower shapes, lettuce, cheese, sundried tomatoes. Tuna. Crackers. LTM. And a Christmas Chocolate (I don't usually do chocolates etc for school lunches but it was December!) Today was a snowman.
Puff pastry squares with herbs. Cold boiled egg sliced, bacon, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. With another snowman chocolate.
Puff pastry rolls - not sure what's on them, we do them most Friday's, usually pizza sauce, cheese, olives, sometimes spinach, capsicum etc.
With cherry tomatoes (love the yellow ones, we had a great yield off one small plant), LTM and santa choc.

Tortilla wraps (no idea what was on them, but probably sour cream, sweet chili sauce, cheese, cucumber, maybe lettuce, maybe ham)
With Christmas shortbread (with pistachios and craisins, recipe on the forum), LTM, cherry tomatoes, star cucumber and heart chocolate

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