Saturday 11th December - cake, banana muffins, tortilla's, ravioli, lentil curry

It's dd1's birthday party tomorrow (going to Putt Putt Golf at Dural) so cake making today.
Made the large chocolate cake from the forum, also made a variety of blue and purple chocolate butterflies and stars to decorate it, as well as blue chocolate 9 (she's turning 9 obviously).

Also made some banana and choc chip muffins (forum recipe), for general eating and also will send a variety of these and cheese and zucchini muffins for dd2 to take to school on Monday for a class picnic.

Lunch - made Trudy Olive's tortilla's. (forum recipe)

Dinner - spinach and feta ravioli, made the filling in the tmx (cooked spinach, added feta and blended) and also the pasta dough. dd1 made up the ravioli's. (not the best example as this was one of the last ones when we were running out of filling).

And later dh made himself lentil curry (from his own very long winded recipe - smelt great though).

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