Friday 24th December - pancakes, dips, pate, coleslaw, bread, shortbread, Honey Mustard Chicken

Breakfast - pancakes

In the morning I made - garlic and herb dip (with chives and parsley - a really nice change to the spring onions) and hummus for Christmas Day tomorrow.
I also made the chicken liver pate in the EDC - very impressed. So cheap, quick and easy to make two big pate containers - dh is currently enjoying some!
Will be off looking at pate recipes now as it's just so professional looking.

Made coleslaw (instead of cleaning the tmx after making the garlic and herb dip).

Made a loaf of bread.

And a double lot of shortbread.

Dinner was Trudy O's Honey Mustard Chicken. Another simple, quick and very tasty Thermomix meal. Compared to most other people we would go for a little more mustard (dh thought a little hot english, I was thinking a little dijon) as we like things with a lot of flavour. Kids all enjoyed so this one is def on the menu.
I cooked red capsicum and mushrooms in with meal and served with rice and carrots.

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