Wed 21st July - eggs, cake, pasta

Wednesday 21st July

Breakfast - boiled eggs. Even though this doesn't take any less time than the stove top method I do love it. I don't have to think about it at all, check that the water isn't boiling too much etc, just put in and forget till the timer sounds.

Made a chocolate cake (using the EDC Too Easy Chocolate Cake - very similar to the Delia recipe I use now), so quick and easy to mix. Thought it would be a nice treat for the girls for after school and dessert.

Was a really nice cake, def on the list. We don't get through a lot of cake so this was a good size for us - there is a recipe on the forum for a larger cake if that's what you prefer (about double the size of this one).

Yesterday's yoghurt didn't thicken, not sure what went wrong. Wondering if it was just too cold here over night. Still tastes good so will use it for smoothies and will try again soon.

Dinner was the EDC creamy tomato and salami fettucine (this time with fettucine, usually do easier to eat pasta for the girls, lol).

So it's been quite a busy day esp as I have gotten back into work after the school holidays and did some dyeing and my store ArtEZan was accepted as a sponsor for the 9th semi annual Great Down Under Nappy hunt so have been working on that.

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