Fri 23 July - smoothie, vegie drink, butter chicken

Friday 23rd July

Breakfast - smoothie - banana, frozen berries, yoghurt, milk

Morning tea- Vegetable crush.

1 red capsicum

2 small tomatoes

2 sticks of celery

1 small garlic clove

6 ice cubes

bunch of parsley


dropped the garlic onto the blades at speed 7 for a few seconds, then added all ingredients and whizzed up - added pepper to taste.

Yummy and so good for you.

Dinner - butter chicken (from EDC)

With rice done in the microwave rice cooker, and carrots and beans.

This was very very yummy, not at all spicy but lovely flavours. dd3 (big curry fan) didn't like it???!! though.

I love how clean it is cooking in the thermomix. So quick to prepare everything and rather than having hundreds of bowls and pots and blenders and stuff to clean all there is is the thermomix (and in this case one bowl to reserve the toasted fennel and cumin seeds) I have time to put the raw ingredients back where they belong whilst the thermomix is doing the next bit and then set it to cook for 20 mins and go off and do something else.

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