Friday 30th July - yoghurt, pastry, sauce, pie

Friday 30th July

Yoghurt - Let's see if it works this time. Put it in the airing cupboard (with the hot water tank) to see if the warmer environment helps.

Dinner - Chicken and vegie pie.

1. Made puff pastry as per the edc and popped in the fridge to rest.

2. Made Bechamel (white) sauce as per EDC - this is sooooo quick and easy, very very impressed by the quality and ease.

3. chopped garlic and herbs (parsley, oregano, coriander) added carrot, courgette, mushrooms, chopped for a couple of seconds on speed 4.

4. in a bowl mixed shredded cooked chicken, bechamel sauce, vegie mix, 2 tbsp vegie stock concentrate and pepper.

5. rolled out and lined baking dish with pastry, added filling and covered with rest of pastry.

6. Baked in the oven till cooked and golden

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