First useage - mash, veg and custard.

So my Thermomix has already had it's first use. I already had crab cakes for dinner so I served them with mashed potato and steamed carrots.
I put 650g potatoes in the basket, 900ml water in the bowl, carrots in the varoma .
Cooked 20 mins - temperature Varoma - Speed 3.

Put the varoma aside, emptied the bowl and put the cooked potatoes, milk, butter and pepper in the bowl and mashed the potatoes for 10 seconds on speed 4.


For dessert I made vanilla custard. Another hit. Would use less flour next time for a runnier custard - dd2 in particular found it too thick and floury.


  1. Hi Zan, with the custard did you use plain flour or cornflour? You will have more success with cornflour (taste wise) and if you only use 30g, you will have a nice pouring custard.

  2. Thanks Judy, yes I did use cornflour but 40g, think I'll go for 15 next time as the girls like it quite runny.