Day 2 - 9 July - juice, salad, cheese, stock, hot chocolate

Day 2 - Friday 9th

Had lots of fun with the Thermomix today and feel much more confident that I know what I'm doing with it.


Orange and mandarin juice - really easy, so much better than using the juice extractor.

Porridge - just did the same quantities as I'd normally do the quick oats in the microwave and then cooked per the EDC instructions.


Coleslaw type salad with - cabbage, carrot, apple, celery, green capsicum and mayonnaise. (so done like the EDC coleslaw but with the added vegies)

This is soooo much easier than chopping everything by hand, a real time saver. The older girls love salads and coleslaws so can imagine doing lots of these.


Grated cheddar - dd1 loves the way the Thermomix crumbs cheese and has been eating all the parmesan from the demo last week so she was very happy with this. I like the cheese like this to go in the salad but will also grate cheese normally for other things.


Bron's vegie stock concentrate

Ended up with loads of this! Should last us ages.

So much cheaper than buying decent stock and was easy to do.

Hot chocolate (was having a real chocolate craving but didn't want to make a cake or anything) - very yummy!

Nice and easy, throw it all in and come back when it beeps. A hit with the older two and me. (dd3 doesn't like milk).

So the Thermomix has had a good work out today.

I've been happy with everything.

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