Thur 22nd July - smoothie, cheese, dips, rice, custard

Thursday 22nd

Breakfast made a smoothie - oats, frozen mixed berries, banana, failed yoghurt, milk - yum yum! Everyone loved this one.

Made up some grated cheese (we go through quite a lot as you may have noticed, the girls have a lot of wraps and salads with it. Though the last two days dd2 has taken leftovers (soup and pasta) to school in a thermos for lunch (got really cute little thermos' from K-Mart) which she has loved.

I then made two dips to take to a friends - garlic and herb and beetroot. All ready and still time to take the kids to school! Loving how quick and easy things are with the Thermomix.

Dinner I made fried rice using this recipe.
I must of messed up the rice/water quantities a bit though as it boiled dry and some of the rice was a bit crunchy - dd1 loved it, lol, but not the rest of us, it was ok but not great.

Dessert was chocolate custard - I used 20g cornflour, 2 eggs, 550g milk, 50g sugar and some cocoa (about 2 tablespoons???) - was very yummy though still quite thick (not a bad texture but the girls like it very runny, though did mean less mess for dd3), will go down to 10g of cornflour or maybe none next time to see.

So even though I wasn't home from 9-3.15 the Thermomix got a good work out today.

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