Sat 10th July - boiled egg, pizza, rolls, hamburger

Saturday 10th July

The Thermomix (maybe I need a name for it!!) had quite a busy day.

Breakfast - Boiled egg - very easy, perfect. The girls are always asking for boiled eggs but I rarely can be bothered but will definitely do them much more often now.

Lunch - pizza dough - using the edc recipe, so easy to knead in the thermomix, great tasting pizza dough

Dinner - bread rolls to go with salads. (was going to be hamburgers but I was too full from the pizza still when it got to the kid's dinner time). Just did the basic bread recipe with all baker's flour as don't have any wheat yet. Very yummy, perfect bread rolls.

Also made hamburger mix
- minced rump steak (12 sec speed 7)
- onion and garlic, added veg (parsnip, courgette, capsicum) and chopped
- teaspoon of vege concentrate mix, breadcrumbs (previously created in the thermomix - freeze slices of bread and mill 10 seconds speed 6) , tomato sauce and the meat.
Mixed on reverse.
dh was making this and I told him to put an egg in and he also ended up mixing it too long and over processing it! But hopefully still yummy just not the consistency originally planned.
Will report back on how these came out later.

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  1. Congratulations!!!
    First, congrats on getting the machine... but also congrats on all the recipes you've tried, and all the blogging you've done on the subject in such a short time. You seem to share these traits with other enthusiastic Thermomix owners: you are curious, confident, and adventurous. This means you will have SO MUCH FUN with this machine. I see that you have valuable insights and experiences to help other new owners and I will happily add your new blog to my list of Thermomix blogs for review at

    I can't wait to see what you will try next.
    Best wishes for lots more kitchen fun,