After 2 weeks - Verdict loving it

So two weeks in, and I'm really loving my Thermomix. I find it so easy and clean to use. There are a few things I prefer to make the traditional way and a lot of things I think it does better. I can't imagine not using it. I am really getting into and enjoying making things from scratch more of the time. It's so quick and easy to make things that I would often go for the easy option on.

In the 2 weeks I've had the Thermomix I've used it 49 times! So around 3.5 times a day.
It's a great blender for juices and smoothies. So quick and easy to grate and grind. Makes great dough (and I always laugh at it bouncing around whilst kneading). And loving the simplicity of the main meals I've cooked.
My favourite would be either the chicken wonton soup or the stroganoff. The kids would be the creamy tomato and salami pasta. dd1 is a big fan of the wonton soup though and keeps asking for it. We are all enjoying the juices, smoothies, sorbet and custard.

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  1. Congratulations on finding your new love in the kitchen! Like you, I started a diary to record how many times I used Thermomix each day... I had to stop after a while because I was spending too much time writing and recording. It's a rare machine that gets used MORE over time like this. Hard to believe... until you get one into your own kitchen. I look forward to reading more from you!