Tues 13th July - cheese, wonton soup

Lunch - grated cheese.


Name of Recipe: Wonton Soup

Ingredients for wontons:

Pork cubed (for mince)


Garlic – 3 cloves

Spring onion – 2

½ “ ginger

little bit of the chilli - rest used in stock.

chop on speed 6 and mix well.

Soak rice paper wrappers in hot water, corner up to middle and put spoonful of mix in centre. Place in sprayed varoma.


Chicken liquid stock/Water to 1 l

1 tsp of tmx vegie stock (more if using water not liquid stock)

½” ginger

2 garlic cloves

Black peppercorns



chilli (1 small chilli)

No need to rinse bowl from wonton mix. Place all broth ingredients in bowl.

Place basket in and cook for 20 minutes on varoma speed 3/4, with varoma (with wontons) on top.

I served with garlic bread as had some needed eating and the girls love it but not very asian – would be great with noodles and asian veg or rice.

Adapted from this recipe: http://failsafethermomix.blogspot.com/2009/05/chicken-wonton-noodle-soup-failsafe.html

Love, love, loved this soup. That's two nights in a row with quick and easy dinners that I loved. Saved loads of time over making them without the thermomix and tasted great. Would go easier on the chilli next time - probably completely deseed as although the girls liked it, it was close to being a bit hot for them.

Oh and we are still getting through the chocolate mousse, lol, but it is yummy.

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