Thursday 12th, Friday 13th May - porridge, juice, cheese, stock, Cauliflower Soup

Blogger has been down for posting so here is the last couple of days posts

Thursday 12th May

Breakfast - porridge and orange and mandarin juice

Lunch - I went to a friend's Thermomix demo (and she is buying one yah!!!) so not made in my tmx but had a lovely sorbet with orange, lemon, lime, and a bit of pineapple, beetroot salad, mushroom risotto, rolls, hummus and vanilla custard (made with goat's milk)

For dinner we had burrito's. Grated the cheese in the tmx. The mince mixture was from the freezer but had previously been made in the tmx.

Friday 13th May

Made liquid chicken stock in the morning for Dinner - cauliflower soup.

Milled coriander, cumin, and chili flakes, then added garlic and onion and chopped, then sauted, then added stock, cauliflower and cooked 15 mins, added flour and cooked 5 mins. Then blitzed for 1 minute.

It thickened up nicely in the thermoserver but I would add a potato if eating straight away.

All three girls had 3 servings and really loved this soup. It was really creamy and lovely flavours (dd1 picked the indian spices) and didn't need any extra cream.

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