Saturday 14th May - boiled eggs, potato salad, mashed potatoes, chocolate icecream, lemon yoghurt cake, Gourmet beef,

Breakfast - boiled eggs

Lunch - cooked up cubed potatoes and made a potato salad
(cooked potatoes, cooked crispy bacon, parsley, red onion, mayonnaise and yoghurt)
Also used some of the potatoes to make mashed potato.

Afternoon - made Julie O's chocolate ice creambut added 150ml milk - this made the quantity up to the amount my ice cream maker needs and I think made it just right, still very rich but not as overpowering.
Also dd1 made Lemon Yoghurt cake, recipe also on the forum.

Dinner - Robyn's Gourmet Beef - added carrots and mushrooms to it and served with rice.
Dessert was the cake and icecream.

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