Saturday 21st May - pancakes, chicken slice, cheese and zucchini muffins beef curry

Breakfast - pancakes

Snacks - cheese and zucchini muffins. Must make some different ones but they are dd3's favourite and fairly healthy. Cooked in a mini muffin tin perfect for lunch boxes (and preschool don't even complain about them - sent her in with a bite size piece of the lemon yoghurt cake last week and it was sent home - but they feed them honey sandwiches for morning tea!!!!)

Lunch - made chicken pies/slice. Sautéed mushrooms, garlic and butter in the tmx and added to leftover chicken, a dollop of sour cream and pepper. Wrapped the mixture in puff pastry and baked. Everyone loves these.

Dinner - beef curry. Made a curry based on the rogan josh recipe in the Indian book. Was ok, tasted fine but was a bit watery and grey. Added mushrooms, capsicum and green beans for the last 15 minutes to make a complete meal with rice. (also used ground cinnamon etc not whole)

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