Quick update

Just a quick update on my thoughts about my thermomix.

Coming up to a year of having my tmx and still loving it.
I don't feel the need to use it for everything but most meals are cooked in it. We do have 'cold' meals and leftovers mostly for lunch and also for dinner a couple of times a week to fit in around the kids activities.
There are some things I prefer to do the traditional way and we have roasts and other oven cooked meals and I use the slow cooker occasionally. I prefer to cook eggs on the stove top and as we have chickens we have eggs regularly for breakfast. Though often part of the meal will still be made in the tmx - e.g. gravy with a roast - totally takes that end of cooking a roast meal stress away, no need to stir the gravy the tmx does it for you whilst you are dishing up and slicing.
Also I am very into as quick as possible cooking, so if I'm making a casserole, rice and steamed veg, I will cook the casserole in the tmx, the rice in the rice cooker and the veg steamed or microwaved. I prefer rice cooking in the tmx but until I could have 2 of them time is the biggest factor for me. I'd happily use the tmx more if I had 2!!!!!
I just did a quick count from the last two weeks and the tmx was used 40 times, so an average of 2.8 times a day - way more than any other appliance I can think of!!
I am also extremely time poor at the moment so not making bread very often and using a load of other short cuts.
My grocery bill is still way way less than it was pre TMX and most things are still home made (the kids are just eating a lot of rice crackers as I'm not making loads of snacks, though double quantities of muffins and freezing really helps).
Things like jam whereby I'd buy expensive ones are a great saving.
I have definitely saved far more money having the tmx than it cost and also we are eating a lot better with less preservatives and store bought snacks. I always thought we had hardly any but looking at the difference in size and cost of shopping, things have definitely changed.
Still loving how easy the tmx is to use and also to clean. It sits on the bench top and is used for lots of things I would put off doing because of the mess. The cleaning is a big thing for me.
I'm still very happy with my purchase and would recommend one to anyone. I think the Thermomix is a great tool that can and should have a major part in most households.

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