Tuesday May 24 - 4 berry porridge, chicken tempra

Breakfast - 4 berry porridge. Once again a thankyou to Quirky Jo for the idea of flavouring the porridge, add frozen 4 berry mix this morning, another yummy porridge alternative.

Dinner - Babi Tempra from the Asian cookbook. Pork with lime and soy.
But I made it with chicken thighs as suggested and only cooked for 30 mins.
Was really nice. I also added some veg 15 mins (next time will do 10 mins, not sure why I put them in early, we like our veg crispy, though wasn't overcooked at all) before the end. All cooked great.
A lovely slightly sweet taste the kids loved. Surprisingly loads of sauce which you could even thicken.
On the will make again list. We all love lime.

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