Wednesday 3rd November - cheese, bread, blueberry meringue, fish, rice, veg, feta and lemon sauce, hommus

Made grated cheese for the girls wraps for lunch.

Made a loaf of bread.

Had some egg whites that needed using up so made meringue, placed frozen blueberries in a baking dish, put the meringue on top on baked for 10 mins.

This was such a simple dessert but the girls loved it.
(didn't think to take a picture until it was nearly finished, lol).

Dinner - steamed fish, rice, vegetables and lemon and feta sauce.

Marinated the fish in a little soy sauce and sesame oil.

Placed in a foil open nest in the bottom of the varoma.

1 ltr of water and vegie stock concentrate in the bowl. 1 cup of rice (200g) in the basket, varoma on top, cooked for 18 mins at varoma temperature, speed 1 with the varoma with the fish in it in place. With 5 mins to go added the top tray with carrots and beans (we like our veg crunchy).

Then made the lemon and feta sauce from this recipe :
Used less quantities (100g feta, also did half sour cream/half yoghurt).

This was really nice, as usual the fish steamed in the varoma was so succulent, the sauce was really lovely - a real favourite of dd1 who wanted a bowl of it!

Also made some hommus for the girls for morning tea tomorrow.

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