Wednesday 17th November - bread, orange muffins, boiled eggs, squisito cabretto, custard

Today made a loaf of bread.
Running low on kid's lunchbox stuff so made Orange muffins (still loving this simple recipe and makes heaps).
Boiled eggs for tomorrow's lunchboxes.

Dinner we tried the Squisito Cabretto from the Meat on the Menu book.
(basically a goat and tomato stew)

I thought this was really nice. Only thing was I added some garlic at the start and carrots near the end.
A nice stew in a light tomato sauce. dd1 found the bones in the goat a bit annoying (though being cooked for an hour it was very tender and lots of the meat had pulled away from the bones), dd2 didn't like the meat (she can be fussy like that) and dd3 had a great time pulling the bones off, lol.

Dessert was vanilla custard.

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