Sunday 14th November - cashew pork, garlic cumin rice and spicy beans and peas

Dinner we had an Indian inspired meal

Made the cashew chicken but with pork for the Indian cookbook. Chose this as heard good reviews, the older two love cashews and don't like hot curries. (followed the recipe other than using pork and 1 red chili instead of the two green ones)
Cooked it up, then popped in the oven to slow cook with a dish of cashews roasting.
Made garlic and cumin rice and popped that in the Thermoserver whilst I made the veg.
Spicy beans and peas
Chopped garlic, cumin and coriander seeds.
Added chopped green beans and peas.
1/2 tin of tomatoes
A couple of dashes of tobasco.

Cooked for 8 mins 100° reverse spd 1.

This was a lovely meal, really loved the flavours.

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