Thursday 18th November - stock, swedish meatballs, veg, fruity dream

Made chicken stock, some of which was to be used in the sauce to go with the swedish meatballs, the rest for a soup (my neighbour gave me some lovely leeks so will do a leek and potato soup).

Dinner made the Swedish Meatballs from the Meat on the menu book with the sauce, served with steamed veg (cooked for the last 8 mins in the top tray of the varoma above the meatballs.

The meatballs were nice. I thought they were ok, dd1 really liked them, dd2 didn't like them, dd3 thought they were ok. Bit strong on the dill flavour for me, but a nice change. I loved the sauce.

For dessert I did a fruity dream (frozen fruit, sugar and egg white) as had some strawberries that needed eating up, these weren't quite frozen but did it with frozen bananas so came out a nice cold custard consistency.

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